Makeup is one of the essential things for women as we all wears makeup to go work, class, event and many more. Besides that, makeup also became a trend when you watch tons of makeup tutorial on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You wanna try those look but don’t have a clue who to refer to? No worries, here’s a few popular makeup video from beauty gurus for you to watch. Let’s roll!



I love this woman! She’s my favorite makeup guru! (I’m not biased though hehehe!) She’s the woman that made me fall in love with makeup when I watched one of her tutorials. Nikkie’s passion and love for makeup started when she spent the weekend in bed watching tv series on MTV. After that time, she was inspired by the gorgeous look of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Audira Patridge. So, she began to search for  “The Hills makeup” on YouTube. A whole new word of beautiful woman showing how to do makeup popped up and Nikkie was obsessed ever since.

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Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a fabulous transgender and one of YouTube beauty guru who always promotes and reviewing best products for his makeup videos. He discovered makeup at the age of 13 and been obsessed with it ever since. After he graduated from high school, he moved to California and Los Angeles. He worked at makeup counters, freelanced and worked with many celebrities, fashion editorial and weddings. He also owned a cosmetic brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics and his goal is to create products that do exactly what they say and that actually last.

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Manny MUA

Ever since he was a young boy, Manny MUA always did something a little from what society was doing. Finally when he discovered that he’s type of guy yearning for glamour. He became more and more intrigued with makeup line and overjoyed when he got hired at Sephora with no prior makeup experience and work there for about a year. After that journey ended, he started as MAC cosmetic makeup freelance. He loved cosmetic retails, transforming somebody and helping them achieve outer beauty to match with inner beauty which they already did.


Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun or known as Mama Dragun is a makeup artist and beauty guru which is she’s well known on YouTube channel where she has earned more than 555K subscribers by creating makeup videos, tutorial and challenges. She;s not only popular on YouTube but also popular insanely on Instagram with more than 1.2 million followers. Besides that, she’s a transgender and has documented her transition on YouTube channel.

Kim Thai

Kim Thai is a budding beauty and fashion blogger on Instagram and YouTube. She works with numerous of companies. Her work has been featured on countless cosmetic pages and social media sites. Since creating her social media platform on Instagram on December 2014, Kim now strikes 413K followers on Instagram and 362K subscribers on YouTube.

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