What is makeup primer? Basically, makeup primer is a cream that usually colorless which a cover between makeup and skin care routine. By means, it will create a barrier between skin and makeup so that skin will be a smoother surface for any makeup applications.

Some makeup primer can be color-corrector, cover blemishes or others can blur the imperfections. In addition, makeup primers often have skin care benefits such as anti-aging, can moisturize or provide sun protection. As for you girls, you have to wise choosing a makeup primer because different people have different skin type. So, here’s a few suggestion of primer based on types of skins.


Primer for Normal Skin

Considered yourself lucky if your skin don’t have any problem which are normal and smooth plus easy to handle. Your pores are not so small or too big and normal skin type often don’t have problems like blemishes or redness. So, best primer for normal skin would be MAKE UP FOR EVER STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER : SMOOTHING PRIMER. This primer impressively canceled out and blur all the imperfection and flaws besides minimize the pores. The matte finish gives natural outcome without not flat looking.

Primer for Oily Skin

Since oily skin have bigger pores, you have to use a makeup primer that have the pore-minimizing effect. By means, you’ll need matte primer. A matte primer will avoid your skin from becoming shiny and greasy throughout the day. The best primer for this type of skin would be BENEFIT COSMETICS : THE POREFESSIONAL FACE PRIMER. The POREfesional face primer described itself as pro balm which make pore disappear and give your skin a flawless, matte finish look. Apply moisturizer first then put on the primer so that absorb the oil and minimize the pores.

Primer for Dry Skin

As for dry skin, it is quite complicated to prime because it may looked patchy when start applying makeup. You will need a primer that have moisturizing agent to rehydrate your skin back by means you have find a hydrating, creamy but light texture of primer. The best primer for dry skin would be LAURA MERCIER HYDRATING PRIMER. This product have has a thin creamy gel like. When you apply this on your skin, you feel some watery gel and it feels amazing because your skin is rehydrated and fresh. You don’t have to put in large amount because it will take time to absorb on your skin.

Primer for Combination Skin

Combination both skins. Ahhhhh can’t this day be any worse? First of all, you have to know which combination of skin are you? Oily and dry? Dry and sensitive? It is essential for you know so that you will know what type of primer your skin suitable with both situation. Best primer of combination skin would be MAYBELLINE NEW YORK : BABY SKIN INSTANT PORE ERASER PRIMER. This primer actually suitable for all skin type so since you have both skin problems, this product become in handy after all. It’s texture comes with gel-like that blurs the pores and this light-weighted primer creates a smooth canvas for makeup without any irritation or allergy.

Primer for Sensitive Skin

When it comes to sensitive skin, you already imagined all those blemishes and redness that might appear on your face. Actually, primer are good for sensitive skin because they will give extra layer of protection for skin from the environment. You might need a green-based primer to neutralize red tones in your skin. This way, you will find that you only need less foundation to apply. The best primer for this type of skin would be SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH COLOR CORRECTING FOUNDATION PRIMER. This product which a green-based primer helps to cover the blemishes besides gives that matte finish and smooth skin look.

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