There are so many ways in applying the makeup to your face, you can do it using your fingers (works best because of the heat to blend the makeup), beauty blender, sponge or make up brush.  If you are using the letter it is essential for you to get the correct brush so the makeup blend better into the skin.  And to achieve that, consider Morphe Brushes as one of your option.

Introducing Morphe Brushes

Although Morphe is known for its makeup best-selling palettes but their brushes is worth to spend for.  Morphe produce a large range of brushes from natural, to vegan, to synthetic.  For beginner you may get a little overwhelm by the varieties of brush offered by the brand.  Morphe Brushes are categorized according to – Brush by Line, Brush by Type and Brush Sets.  You can purchase it individually or in sets that come with pretty packaging.

Make Up Artists Favorite

Celebrity Makeup Artists such as Jaclyn Hill, Bretman Rock,  Manny Mua and PatrickStarr are among a few that reviewed Morphe Brushes in their blog or youtube videos.  For instance PartickStarrr has listed 13 of his favourite Morphe brush which he uses on his daily make up routine.  Manny Mua even created 2 different videos (part 1 & 2) on youtube talking about the Morphe Brushes and how he is loving the brush to achieve the looks he desire.

5 Morphe Brushes that You Should Have

From the reviews of the Make Up Artists, here I am telling you which 5 brush that you should have.


A perfectly powdered makeup look not only lasts longer, but creates an airy and flawless finish. This Large Dome Powder brush is essential for applying loose and powder foundation.  This brush is Manny Mua ultimate favorite.


This full, domed brush has the density to apply foundation evenly and flawlessly.  One of Morphe’s most popular brushes for buffing foundation to an airbrushed finish.  Jaclyn Hill and Bretman Rock’s have listed this brush as one of their picks.

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The brush that make it into Bretman Rock’s favorite list is the pointed mini blender.  This slim brush tapers to a fine point for a light, wispy application of color. It can be used to blend out harsh edges or deposit small amounts of color in targeted areas.

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4. E43 – FLAT BROW

To get your brows on Fleek, look no further and grab the E43 flat brow brush.  PatrickStarr and  Bretman Rock loving this brush for their brows.  This brush has a perfectly even tip to give you defined color in your brows.  Use it to sweep brow powder over gels and pomades for a dimensional, realistic brow look.


Tapered blending brush with a fat, rounded tip for buffing in color and blurring away harsh lines.   Manny Mua and PatrickStarr both loving this brush for its capability.

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Morphe Brushes Might Be The One

In quest for a good brush, its not easy.   If you are looking for not so expensive but a good quality brush, don’t hesitate to consider Morphe Brushes.

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