COLOUR POP, The Revolution  Of Ultra Matte Lip Colours

“Bumble” Ultra Matte Lip by Colour Pop | Source:

 Colour Pop was one of the best investment I have ever made. What makes it so special is the exuberant choices of colors which keeps you going from day till dawn. Fret not sunshine, they have each which suits every skin tones. Enticing part is the colors which are so pigmented and it doesn’t dry off.


Color Pop ‘Lippie Stix’ Range | Source:

Unlike most expensive beauty products which we rather hundreds as well as purchasing something that is
rather cheap in the nearest drugstore doesn’t fulfill the criteria as well the promising ads being view. The application of the lipsticks becomes flaky and powdery. Moreover, this damages our supple lips. “COLOUR POP ULTRA MATTE LIP” does not require many application after one another, The soft and smooth colour lingers on your lips during the first application.The Colour Pop lippies doesn’t harm our skin as it will leave our skin moist and power packed with popping colors.

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Colour Pop’s Ultra Matte Lip Review

They have pigmented highlighters as well as eye shadows which glows upon glitter and something which gives a nude attention to the blanket of our eyelids.It’s texture upon application will give an elastic like and it comes in various kick ass shades. Moreover, it comes with the application of matte as well. This helps for the colors to last longer than it usually does.Ladies, worry not! As some maybe have done online shopping and it proofs to be a spoof or else due to the lighting effects, BUT what you see is what you get via purchasing online for these COLOUR POP.

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Pavitraa wearing “NOTION” by Color Pop[/caption]

Below stated are their best sellers vastly sold via their official page :



“EYE SHADOW” at RM 22.05

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