Oh Sephora. I wish I knew when to quit you.

KIDDING! – That’d be a death wish.

Throughout the years of Sephora’s arrival in Malaysia, I have come to realize that I have never tried on a Sephora collection before! Hence, I decided to dabble into my most favourite products to shop so far: lipsticks.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with the Sephora Rouge Cream Lipsticks so I thought that I’ll validate on why you need to pick them up yourself!

AFFORDABLE PRICE – Each lipstick costs RM 55 – and that definitely puts them in ‘drugstore’ territory and, for how amazing they are and how they act like something way more expensive, they’re 100% worth every cent.

CREAMY FORMULA – The formula is the best part of these lipsticks. Besides that, these lipsticks are ultra-creamy, intensely pigmented and very long lasting. The product sits comfortably on your lips too, so it makes them easy to wear on those long days. Therefore, it wears comfortably and delivers excellent staying power.

RANGE OF SHADES – This collection features everything from the palest shades to the darkest purples, so you’ll definitely be able to find a shade to suit you. In my case, I purchased R20 Honey (browny nude), Charmer (rosy mauve), R03 Passion Red (deep burgundy), R02 Courtisane (very very super sexy dark brick red) and R31 Miss or Madame (a soft nude suitable for all ages, hence the name).  There are 41 colors available in Malaysia.

Miss or Madame | Source: Instagram.com

Honey | Source: Instagram.com

Charmer | Source: Instagram.com

Passion Red |Source: Instagram.com

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All you gotta do now is to pop into Sephora and have a go!


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