Shiseido has finally launched its first cushion compact!

The NEW intelligent cushion compact is an everyday essential, delivering fresh, dewy, dreamy skin. Featuring Responsive Sensory Technology, watch as beautiful skin is revealed and improved into a flawless finish.The skin’s condition is prone to change throughout the day, with factors such as air conditioning or fluctuations in humidity making an impact on the overall quality. Advanced Sensing Technology is a revolutionary system that realizes these changes in the skin’s moisture and luster levels, adjusting as required, helping you to keep an unspoiled, luminous finish all day long. Shiseido has finally launched cushion compact!


Shiseido Offers The Ultimate Skin Luminosity


Reveal healthy, glowing skin through synchronization

Base makeup is not simply a concealer for skin issues and concerns. It brings out the best in every complexion, enhancing. what is uniquely beautiful. By working with the skin type and tone on correction. It achieves the ultimate skin luminosity.

Synchronization with your skin condition.
Light is optimized as skin conditions change
throughout the day. Maintaining a beautiful,3
lustrous and hydrated appearance without
shine or greasiness. Efficacy data for 8-hour
hydration has been obtained.

Synchronization with your skin tone.
Enhances each individual, unique skin
tone. Corrects imperfections and achieves
a refined, even finish without visible pores.

Comfortable and reliable texture.
Spreads an even, sheer veil over the skin.
Creating a healthy, dewy texture every time
the makeup is applied.

Discover the skin-supporting powers.
Natural skincare ingredients. Selected for
their skin-supporting abilities. Work to
prevent damage caused by dryness.
Oxidization and UV exposure, to maintain
a healthy-looking complexion.


Package is an airtight compact that prevents volatilization of the product. The inner refill lid is automatically fastened when you close the lid of the case | Source:

Shiseido offers 12g for each of five shades with an SPF 23++*


From upper left: Neutral 1, Neutral 2, Neutral 3

From lower left: Golden 2, Golden 3</span>

* only available in Japanese market

Advanced Sensing Technology for fresh, luminous skin

Formulated with a technology that adapts to each individual skin condition and tone, and containing Super Bio-Moisture Network plus Transparent Correcting Polymer, Synchro Skin Cushion Compact helps retain a beautiful, lustrous complexion all day long.

Glow Enhancing Powder produces a naturally beautiful, radiant finish with the additional effect of light diffusion and reflection.

Time Match Powder© presents the skin with a beautiful-looking texture by diffusing light according to the change of sebum levels.

Super Bio-Moisture Network maintains the skin’s moisture for a dewy complexion by sensing the skin’s condition.

Transparent Correcting Polymer
lets natural skin tones show through but corrects unevenness like pores and roughness to achieve a natural, healthy look.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Cushion Compact retails for:

RM150.00 (Refill with Puff)
RM 35.00 (Case)

Available in November 2016

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