I bet most of the girls familiar this brand , MARY KAY, which Mary Kay Product Malaysia, famous with makeup and skin care products. Mary Kay product is available in Malaysia too and have their own agency.Here’s a few Mary Kay product that you should acknowledge.



One of the best of Mary Kay Product Malaysia is Timewise Liquid Foundation. This foundation is formulated with vitamin E and peptides that helps to tighten and lift the skin, to minimize fine lines and shrink pores. It comes in 23 shades but in Malaysia we only have 5 locally. In addition, this foundation gives off a luminous and matte finish instead of flat matte. After all, the dewiness is what gives you that youthful look and it lasts all day with minimal to no fading that makes it very impressive for such an affordable product.

Compact Powder

As for compact powder, they introduced Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Powder. According to Mary Kay, this powder is translucent, silky, luminous and yields an oil-absorbing layer to keep makeup looking fresh the whole day up to 8 hours. This silky powder gives a soft matte finish with blur effect which is very convenience to cover up your pores and the staying power is good. It controls oil for up to 3 hours and doesn’t cake even when you are sweating or oil up. It’s unscented and feels fresh and light on the skin which is perfect for summer heat.

Makeup Remover

After long and heavy day of makeup, all you need is the best makeup remover which is very essential to remove makeup and avoid clogging pores and acnes. So, next Mary Kay product Malaysia would be Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. The unique thing about this product is it doesn’t contain oil. Usually, one layer is water and other is an oil but this eye makeup remover is still water and other layer contains silicone. Now, this does make a difference because when oil melts and dissolve oil/wax based makeup, this remover make it easier to rub it off.

NOTE : This is a silicone based product, if you have allergies or reaction to silicon based product, this product is not for you.


Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara received top scores for its ability to lengthen lashes. It did a decent job volumizing their lashes and didn’t flake off during the day. Mary Kay Product Malaysia describe this mascara is extremely volumizing, superthickening, all-in-one formula creates the look of big, bold, separated lashes that last all day. It also state that this mascara is flake, clump and smudge resistant. Mostly mascara have dry formula but this one is in between. Once it is dry, the lashes aren’t crispy but it feels like they have their softness and movement. There is no flaking with this formula


If you are fan of eyeliner, you’re going to love Mary Kay’s eyeliner new and improved formula, Mary Kay Eyeliner in Black. Same great long-lasting, smudge-proof, waterproof and fade-resistant and smoother application. It has rich and creamy texture and when you applied, it will work perfectly smooth without tugging on sensitive eye areas. This eyeliner is almost pocket size and fits perfectly into palm of your hands. You can achieve true opaque coverage in a few swipes, it doesn’t flake even if you apply a few layers and gives long-lasting hold solid 12 hours without smudging, thanks to its water-proof formula.

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