Drugstores such as Watson, Guardian, Aeon Wellness, and others are must-go places when it comes to shopping at the mall. People today including me, myself, instead of buying high-end cosmetics products, we constantly seek for drugstore cosmetics brands which is somehow much more affordable and worth buying. Why bothers buying high-end products when the drugstores brands are just as good?

Criteria that people always look for when choosing a cosmetics brands?

There are several criteria that need to be observe as a priority when selecting a perfect cosmetics brand:

  • The quality
  • The price
  • Good reviews from consumers
  • Duration or longevity of the products

From the criteria, we can conclude that drugstore products are well-trusted, easier to find and the quality is good compared to its price. Hereby I would like to share some of the top drugstore cosmetics brands that you should keep your hands on when you are out for a cosmetics hunt.

Drugstore Cosmetics Brands #1: Essence Cosmetics

Originally from Europe, it is Europe’s No 1 Cosmetics brand. Surpisingly, they offer a good quality beauty products for eyes, lips, face and nails for little money.  I have been using their products since I was in University. The quality never fails me. The best from Essence is their light-feel foundation and mascaras. Unfortunately, Essence Cosmetics always sold out every time I walk into the stores!

Drugstore Cosmetics Brands #2: Catrice Cosmetics

Also originally from Europe, Catrice somehow look just like Essence but with different brand’s name. No test on animals, good price with a premium quality, Catrice able to catch Malaysian’s attention especially young adults. When Essence is not around, I will definitely take a look at this brand as their products are as good as the Essence.

Drugstore Cosmetics Brands #3:  IN2IT

IN2IT also has its own fans. Made in Thailand, this product has been in the market for a long time. I had tried their  waterproof triple blush code 02 and it was awesome. They gave me a great colour on my cheeks. In2IT are now releasing a new liquid matte lipsticks range with five remarkable colour choices for only RM 22.90. Watson having a sale now, it cost you only RM 20.61 each.

Drugstore Cosmetics Brands #4: Silky Girl

Silky Girl is a must-have brand in your cosmetics collection. Marketed in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia, Silky Girl offers a range of cosmetics products from head to toe. The product I love the most from Silky Girl are the eyebrow pencil and Silky White BB 2-way powder foundation. Currently new released by Silky Girl Cosmetics is Silky Girl Magic BB Cushion. Original price is RM 47.90, but now in Watson you can get it for only RM 38.80.

Drugstore Cosmetics Brands #5: Maybelline

Maybelline from New York, USA also has become one of the top Malaysian choices when it comes to drugstores cosmetics brands. Compared to the above brands, Maybelline could be a bit pricey but still affordable for us to purchase I admit. Trending this year and lots of makeup artist starts on using their Instant Age Rewind Cushion Concealer which is effective to cover puffiness, dark circles and fine lines under your eyes. It is only RM 34.90, for more information you could visit their website. They also shared some makeup tricks and tutorials for their consumers in their website, you can check them out here.

Drugstore Cosmetics Brands #6: Sendayu Tinggi

Sendayu Tinggi is a well-established company which has become one of the best local products in Malaysia since 2008. Their cosmetics are premium quality and the price meets the need of the urban and suburban markets. Also selling health products, Sendayu Tinggi offers a lot of cosmetics products, from base to entire full makeup. One of their top, best-selling products is Doll Skin Foundation. If you have a time to take a glance on my previous post, I had already made a review on this doll skin foundation for you to read.

If you think you need to spend a lot of money on cosmetics, you are actually wrong. Drugstores cosmetics brands are just as good as the high-end cosmetics brands. So what do you think? Have you tried them? Which drugstores cosmetics brands that you always go after? Mind to share by leaving us some comments. We love to hear from you ❤

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