Undertones can be a little bit tricky to some people. So here’s a question, do you consider your undertone when buying makeup or you just pick the ones that seems to be complementing your skin tone?

However, do you know that undertones and skin tones are two different things? Your skin tone can be light, medium or dark but your undertone has nothing to do with how light or dark your skin is. Undertone actually refers to the underlying color that gives effect to your overall skin tone and it can bring a huge difference to how your makeup will turn out.

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Finding the right undertone is often ignored when buying makeup, but the thing is, you have to consider it in order to find the best makeup that complement your face. You don’t want to be looking ashy just because you bought a foundation with the wrong undertone right? And you definitely don’t want your skin to look washed out because the colour of your lipstick doesn’t match your tone.

We Asians tend to have warm undertones but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cool undertone. As for me, I do have a warm undertone but sometimes I can slightly get away with wearing cool tone makeups as well. It may seem like a small deal, but choosing the right undertone can be a big help if you want your makeup to look on point!

There are three basic types of undertones that you should; cool, warm and neutral.

Cool – Have hints pink and bluish complexion

Warm – Have a yellow-ish, golden and peach hints

Neutral – There’s no obvious hints, you can’t tell whether you’re cool or warm because you can get away with both. So lucky!

Gold vs Silver

Try wearing a gold or silver accessory, does your skin look dull in silver or gold? If your skin appears dull in silver, then it means that you have a warm undertone and it works vice versa too. If  you’re a cool tone, silver accessories will flatter your skin perfectly. So what if you just look good in both? Well, congratulations! You have a neutral undertone and believe me, I envy you.

The Color of Your Veins

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If you don’t have accessories to test your undertone, you can always take a look at your veins on your wrists. Does it have mostly green or blue veins? If your veins tend to be mostly blue, then it means that you have a cool undertone and if your wrist has veins that are mostly green, then you’ve a warm undertone. However, if they have equal blue and green, well, again, you’re a neutral tone.

White Clothing

Take a pure white and an off-white clothing and put them both next to your face. Which one makes you look better? Is it the off-white or pure white? If your skin looks washed out with off-white, then it means that you’re a warm tone and if it’s the other way around, it probably means that you’re a cool tone. But if you can pull off wearing both colors, then it simply means you have a neutral undertone.


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The way your skin reacts to the sun can help to figure out your undertone as well. So here’s an easy question, do you easily get sunburn? If the answer is yes, then you are more likely to have a cooler undertone but if you somehow gets tan easily, then you have a warm undertone. But if you can’t tell both, then you’re probably a neutral.


If you need to find the best foundation according to your undertone, simply ask for samples because the lighting in department stores does not help that much. The best lighting is always sunlight, thus, the best way to determine whether your foundation fits you is by getting a sample and try them at home instead. It works every time!

However, if you go to drugstores such as Watsons or Guardian, you can’t request for samples to bring home but here’s a tip for you to try. Bring along a small case such as contact lenses case, and you can just pump the foundation sample in it and you’re good to go!

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