As you girls heard that Victoria Jackson is the one of popular makeup artist in Hollywood. Her product concept is “no makeup” makeup which became trends in makeup industry. Victoria Jackson Cosmetic had launched some of their product like Victoria Jackson Survival Kit, Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze, gentle Eye & Face Makeup Remover and Foundation Duo.

Let’s us explore the product of Victoria Jackson Makeup.


The Victoria Jackson Survival Kit

The Victoria Jackson Survival is one of their top sellers where in that kit have 5 lip colors, 10 eye shadows, 1 lip liner and 1 eyeliner, 1 sharpener, 2 blusher, 3 applicators ( blush brush, a liner brush and eyeshadow brush). The best thing about this entire collection is all fits in your hand. If you need a touchup, done! It’s because everything in this small kit and it’s very convenience especially for a makeup junkie that never fail to do some touchups. If you’re rushing to someplace else but you want to makeup? No problem. This set have 10 eye shadows, pick anything that you like! Isn’t that fun?


The eyeshadow in this set are beautiful and totally perfect for spring plus they blend so well. The color are lovely and pigmented when you applied on your eyelids. In addition, the brushes is included and soft too!

In this makeup set too, they have lip liner, eye liner and a mascara pleasantly all three neatly tucked in this collectio,


The Survival Kit :

  1. Ten eye shadows
  • Ice White
  • Rose Pink
  • Neutral Brown
  • Warm Dark Brown
  • Iridescent Olive
  • Gold Flecked Cool Brown
  • Gold Flecked Warm Brown
  • Steel Gray
  • Silver Gray
  • Gray Blue
  1.   Five lip colors
  • Clear Gloss’
  • Berry Mauve
  • Fiery Red
  • Deep Pink
  • Rose Pink


  1.   Two liners
  • 1 lip liner in Dark Nude
  • 1 eye liner in Deep Black


  1. Two blushes
  • Mauvey Pink
  • Copper Berry


  1. Mascara in Midnight black


  1. Three Applicators
  • Blush brush
  • Liner brush
  • Shadow brush

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Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze

Next Victoria Jackson makeup would be shimmer powder brush in Bronze. The shimmer is glittery bronze in color or you can say golden brown in shade. When applied on the skin, it gives you optimum amount of sparkle without making you look crazy. In fact, you will see your cheeks beautiful, subtle glitter. Not only you can apply not your cheeks but also you apply on your eyelids. It worked well without causing any problem and also have unique system that combines light tinting and shimmering agents to enhance the skin’s natural color plus compliments any skin tone.


Gentle Eye and face Makeup Remover

Another Victoria Jackson product is their makeup remover. This makeup remover is a good oil-based cleanser which it will help to remove big volume of mascaras effectively. Not only oil-based cleanser but it also not require rinsing. Just soak your cotton pad and wipe away the makeup. Done. This is very convenience as for some of you may forgot to wash your face before you went to bed. So, just swipe and wash your face. So easy!


Foundation Duo

Last but not least, Victoria Jackson makeup is the foundation. Their foundation is the statements of being “the no makeup” makeup. The Foundation Duo in Tan is suitable for girls in tan skin color. This foundation available in 4 shades which are Light, Medium, Tan and Dark. The concept basically is to use either shade or take both foundation and blend together. The formulation is completely buildable so it’s easier for you to conceal your blemishes, scarring or wrinkle lines.

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