What is a ‘corrector palette’?

Sleek Colour Corrector Palette, RM60 (from @jessamine.co)

The above picture is an example of a corrector palette out of many others in the makeup world. Corrector palette is basically a huge step up for the usual concealers as they do not just ‘colour correct’, they also conceal. If not, at least a first layer before concealer.

Everybody has different skin conditions, thus requires different makeup techniques. Concealers alone are not enough to create that flawless finish especially when someone has blemishes, uneven skin texture, large pores, prominent dark circles, etc.

Nobody’s perfect. But you are beautiful as you are.

“While I still believe that a girl should embrace her natural skin imperfections, stay real and comfortable going out without makeup but makeup is not meant to make you a different person, it is to compliment your natural beauty.”

Aside from corrector palette, colour correctors are also available in individual bottles. They are usually in liquid texture, for those who prefer more control on building on the colours. There are also cream colour correctors in individual small jars like by Meiko.

Fun fact: Meiko’s foundation has the green colour corrector (code 171) in their foundation range.

MEIKO – Naturactor Cover Face, RM53 each

The function of each colour on the corrector palette.

When I never knew what colour correctors were, I cannot lie I was very curious about the colours. I thought either SEPHORA finally let in some party makeup in the store or these premium brands daringly launched posh part makeup sets. I mean who would want to paint their face ‘pink’?

1. GREEN – Go-to colour to target redness usually acne, blemishes, or redness-prone areas.

2. RED Target dark circles, especially the deep ones. Use this one if you have severe dark circles. Do invest in some good eye cream okay?

3. PINK – This is a perfect colour corrector to correct dullness lighter skin (cool tone). Can be used to correct dark circles too but may not be as good as the orange/red one.

4. PURPLE  – To correct dullness for medium skin tone (warm tone). Can use to cancel dark circles but orange/red are better. Medium skin tone tend to have darker dark circles.

5. ORANGE – Covers dark spot and milder dark circles for medium/dark skin tone, one shade down from the red one.

6. PEACH  – Just like orange, this one is for the light skin tone.

7. YELLOW – Last but not least, yellow. Yellow is more universal, can be used to cancel mild redness all skin tones.

Why is corrector palette important?

The flawless, smooth foundation coverage is all thanks to the colour correctors as a base underneath. It will accentuate the foundation colour even more and help you get that desired colour tone you want. The finishing will look smooth and on point, will last all day. If you’re living in a dry, cold area this is really helpful as it prevents your foundation from looking cakey midway of the day. It is the secret.

Good Luck.

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