There are certain things we all do and wear that could use just a little bit of tweaking. Everyone can put together an outfit but what makes the different outfit from outfit is the way you styles it. You can try those cool and trendy like Bella Hadid wear jacket with style and edgy look. Besides that, you can try like Rihanna rocked those ripped jeans with cropped top. Here’s a few Do’s and Don’ts in Fashion you can aware when you matching your outfit. Know your rules. The First Do’s and Don’ts in Fashion is we start with what you should DO


  • Do combine light tan or nude shoes with black and white stripes dress or black to. Besides that, nude shoes complement black and white stripe really nice.
  • Do wear underwear that won’t show through your leggings. Wear thong or no-show panties from Victoria’s Secret if thong aren’t your kinda go-to.
  • Do wear backless bra if you’re wearing a backless dress or strapless dress.You can buy a device that brings your bra straps together. That is one the Do’s and Don’ts in fashion.

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  • Do buy comfortable lower heels that still make your legs look rockin’! Probably you need to sacrifice a few inches to be comfortable and look more confident.

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  • Do wear crop tops and high waisted shorts, low-rise jeans with flowy top or at least layer tops.

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  • Do add accessories. The simplest way to make your outfit more outstanding, match with hat, bag, sunglasses or matching heels. There’s a few of smart add-ons.

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  • Do mix and match. It-girls like Chrissy Teigen don’t stick to one look. She mix and match with pairing and structures process.
  • Do wear whatever you want. You are a fashionista and true fashion is for those who wish to express themselves. Beauty comes when you decided to be yourself.



  • Don’t wear dark brown and black together. Especially when you add accessories right in the middle of that two colors. It can look unflattering with wrong pieces.

  • The next do’s and don’ts in fashion is Don’t wear see-through leggings or hot pink underwear. If you are still gonna wear legging, just don’t wear your oldest granny panties with the tightest legging without a shirt that doesn’t cover things up.
  • Don’t buy heels that are too high or too painful to wear or you will have a bad night out or the risk of breaking an ankle.

  • Don’t wear shirt that are too small and how all your insecurities just to get a shirt in smaller size
  • Don’t show off your entire stomach. Yes, your body looks amazing but probably it’s not the best look for going up.
  • Don’t wear red short with red top because your outfit need a little a color contrast. You wanna look fabulous if you wanna hang out without looking you’re wearing a uniform
  • Don’t wear everything. As Coco Chanel quote, “take off the last thing you put on”. There’s nothing wrong a little bit accessories just don’t too much and at the same time you don’t wanna look come across too flashy.
  • Don’t be afraid to be the real you. People can joke around the way you wear your outfit. Note this, those people who condemned you just filled with envy because they don’t have the guts to rock those outfit like YOU did! So, ROCK ON!


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