Any fashionista knows that an outfit never complete without the perfect purse to match. Whether you are fan of following the current trend or casing for a classy and elegant bag worth your sweats and blood. Here’s a few list type of purse you can observe. This guide will help you make best decision for your next purse purchase.


Crossbody Purse

This type of purse doesn’t really necessary to the shape of the bag, just its adjoining strap. Besides that, crossbody purse has a long strap which you can worn across your body. It allows you to be hands free to be take on a free night with your girlfriends or carry groceries easily. Typically, this purse have thin leather straps or some of it can be made of linked chains. You can add a scarf to accentuate your personal touch and make it more feminine.

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Hobo Purse

Hobo purse was originally named after the “bindle” sack, a piece of cloth tied n a stick carried over the shoulder by cartoon “hobos”. Since then, the hobos has taken on a slight crescent shape with a single, medium-length strap to wear that is worn on the shoulder. A leather hobo has great versatility and adding a touch of bohemian chic to any outfit.


Satchel Purse

Next type of purse would be satchel purse. The satchel purse is truly most versatile of the bunch. It can take the form of a mini messenger bag or classic ladylike look with a handle on the side. In addition, some of the designs come with detachable long strap. The best thing is you wear it like crossbody purse. Usually satchel bag are made from leather and structured with a flat bottom so that it can shape when set down.


Envelope Clutch

Whether you carry your clutch by hand or looped around you wrist as wrist, it’s very convenient. It has great lightweight addition to both casual and formal ensembles. Besides that, this type of purse usually small in size. It can hold only minimum things like lipstick, compact powder or other stuff in mini size.

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In modern culture, clutch is more about adding a decorative accent to your outfit and style. This type of purse come in a variety of textures, colors and embellishments that will allow you to express  your own unique identity and style. Match with luscious purple satin or metallic gold detailing, girl, you’re on fire! Whether you are off to biggest and grand gala or grocery store, keep your essentials close at hand with stylish clutch.

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