Remember when Taylor Swift was very popular with her country music? Songs like You Belong with Me and Love Story won most of our hearts especially young girls. She was also famous for her long curly hair and she was most of the time wearing cute dresses. But who would have ever thought the innocent looking Taylor Swift decided to cut her hair off? She made a totally new look especially with her music, it has transformed from country songs to more edgy songs. Nonetheless, with her new short hair, she still wins our hearts. So if you have short hair, here is a few ideas on cute hairstyles for short hair. Also, if you have medium to long hair and you want something new to experience with, it’s time to visit hair salon and give yourself a new haircut.

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The Updo

This hairstyle is commonly worn during special events such as weddings and proms. This elegant style can be achieved by gathering your hair and tying it up. The updo is suitable for those who have bob haircut and medium to long hair. The great thing of the updo is it also will help to accentuate your beautiful neck and your accessories – that’s a bonus point! If you want that cute look, let your bangs fall on your forehead.

The Messy

This is more to, “I don’t have much time to do my hair.” But as we can see, celebrities are doing this look too and they are slaying it! The messy hair look goes really well with people who have soft volume of curly hair. The messy hairstyle does not mean that you don’t comb your hair at all. In fact, this hairstyle requires you to comb your hair and when you’re done, you need to set it with hairspray. If your hair is straight, curl your hair first with curling irons before doing the messy hairstyle. If you could not find your comb, run your fingers through your hair to create this messy look.

The Braided

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Oh who doesn’t love braided hair? There is always a perfect braid for every hair type. So ladies, don’t worry if you have short hair. Now you can surely have your hair braided. There are several types of braid such as halo braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braid, lace braid and the most popular one is French braid. Braiding requires some skills but remember practice makes perfect. Now you have more reasons to spend your time on YouTube watching braids tutorials. This hairstyle is suitable with most events whether you’re going out for a party or attending a night dinner or  maybe just hanging out with your friends.

The Spikey

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If you see Halley Berry rocking her pixie cut, you must be wondering, “How can she be so confident with that look?”. It is undeniably that she rocks her short hair and it is an inspiration for all of us that sometimes we need to unwind. It’s true that it’s time for you to take a few steps back and challenge yourself with this haircut. It will be even more interesting if you and your best friend go for this haircut and compete who’s going to wear it better. The Spikey hairstyle is best with people who have straight hair. If you want something easy to take care of, this hairstyle might be your new hairstyle. Moreover, this hairstyle will give you a fierce but sophisticated look. You can also make it cute by wearing beaded or flowery headbands or simply throw a bow on your head!

So there you go, a few ideas on how to style your short hair. If you’ve been wanting to make changes in your life but you aren’t sure when, I suggest this is the time for you to experiment with your hair. Plus, your hair will grow anyway. So don’t be afraid. If you want to steal the celebrities look, better do it now!

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