Hello there, guys. Have you guys find the perfect outfit for your special events? Don’t know what to wear? Can’t figure out the right outfit for different kinds of events? Have you ever gotten an event invitations that requires some kind of dress code that confuses you? The terms of semi-formal, cocktail attire have struck fear into the best of us. Here’s a few dress code and optional outfit for you to wear so that you will know your outfit game.

Dress code : Cocktail

Cocktail attire for women calls for at or above the knee kinda dress and high heels. A standard code for parties, your cocktail dress should look appropriate and fun at the same time. When in doubt, wear a little black dress and spice up with fun jewelry or you can wear colored dress, opt for something bright and feminine. Most importantly, when deciding what to wear, choose a playful yet appropriate party dress that isn’t too revealing.

Dress code : Festive

Festive is an outfit code that tends to pop up on invitations around holidays, festive attire is almost the same with cocktail attire but with holiday mood. More like sparkly sequin dress or red satin skirt, for example. If possible, choose cocktail dress with added boom for a night filled with fun and dancing. Match with colored accessories like red and green. Just remember to keep it chic.

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Dress code : Black tie

Some of you girls still quite unsure about this dress code when your heard of black the dress code. While men have strict requirement for their suits and tuxedo. As for women, it’s more lenient. A long dress is more elevated for the occasion that brings up sophisticated look, simple and feminine silhouette in an elegant color. In addition, it’s more appropriate to wear a little black dress with a statement jewelry.

Dress code : Smart casual

This dress code can often confusing. It sits a notch above dressy casual and a notch below business casual. A simple way to pick an outfit is to dress as if you’re going to a lovely brunch with friends or ultra-funky workplace. For example, you can wear a pencil skirt, top and a cute jacket in pop color is always a great option. Just choose between heels or fancy flats to.complete your outfit.

Dress code : Business formal

Business formal is often suggested for daytime, semi-formal events, such as meeting lunches and conferences. The idea behind this dress code is to wear something that quite dressed up but in your best office wear. For example, you can wear tailored dress or a pantsuit worn with high heels. Keep the color natural to maintain an air of seriousness.

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