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Duckscarves, I bet by now most of us have heard of this brand at least once in their life. Founded by entrepreneur Vivy Yusof, this brand is growing into an international brand; receiving so many compliments on its unique identity and quality. The latest event that caught everyone’s attention is the release of RM800 Swarovski Kuala Lumpur scarves that were sold out in just 5 minutes!

So what makes the dUCk so special?


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Comes in a purple box wrapped with ribbon, the brand took Malaysia by storm although its Premium Basic (PB) scarves retailed at RM130-RM150 (then RM120) each. Their Limited Editions (LE) retailed from RM300 – RM800 although the price used to be RM170 and RM220 only.

These LEs will sold out in minutes online for every release and the duckies (what they call themselves) will queue at the store as early as 2am on the release day so that they will get the scarves! I know, crazy right?

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So although they can be quite expensive for plain and printed shawls, their quality proves to be on par with the price tag. As far as we can remember, Duckscarves were one of the first local brands that use eyelash hems for their scarves and a metal tag of a duck as a charm.

They also popularized the use of flatlays to present their products on social media as well. With D as their spokesperson, dUCk managed to create a unique identity which helps them to stand out from the rest of the local brands.

So now, let’s dig a little bit deeper about each PB shall we?

Premium  Basic


Currently they have several PB series; Satin Silk, Fluff, Chiffon, Mixed Crepe, Georgette, Matte Satin Silk, Jersey, Bamboo Cotton and Peachskin. Bamboo Cotton and Peachskin unfortunately haven’t been around for quite some now. So most of us assume that they are discontinued.

Satin Silk – Made from high quality satin silk, this range speaks exclusivity and elegance. It drapes nicely and suitable for formal events!

Fluff – Soft and light like cotton. The only PB with RM150 price tag. They are quite sheer to some people too but Fluff is non-slippery. So you can wear it without pins and  it won’t come off your head unless a hurricane passes you by. LOL

Chiffon – One of the cult’s favorite because who doesn’t love chiffon right? This range is not too opaque, not too sheer like Fluff too. So if this material is your cup of coffee, then you may want to try this range from dUCk!

Mixed Crepe – The material is obviously, mixed crepe. The material is a bit stiff but it definitely stays in place easily compared to Chiffon or Georgette.

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Georgette – This range is described as lightweight with woven polyester. The surface has a slight crepe texture and it can be easily shaped and nicely draped.

Matte Satin Silk – People loved Satin Silk so much that they asked for a less shiny and slippery version. As expected, this range quickly becomes  a best-seller as it is lightweight and suitable  for both formal and casual wear.

Jersey – Made from high quality and lightweight jersey knit, this range is suitable for casual wear especially for lazy days. It needs no ironing, which means that it’s also a good choice for those who travels!

Bamboo Cotton – Duckies have a love-hate relationship with this range because it creases easily. A lot of them complained about this issue, so we guess that’s the reason for its discontinuation?

Peachskin – The surface literally feels like peachskin which explains the name. It is soft and easy to style but due to its softness, some people have a hard time to make the scarf stays in place.



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Duckscarves also produce other non-LE printed scarves such as the KL, the Singapore and the Oops series. Just a heads up, these series are usually sold out fast too. So make sure to keep an eye on them! Besides printed scarves, the brand came up with complementary items such as twillies, scarf bags, tote bags, inners and hangers.

The inner comes with a duck charm too! The price is RM40 for snow cap inner, RM50 for both inner ninja and inner neck tie, RM35 for hangers, RM400 for tote bags, RM120 for twillies and lastly, RM90 for scarf bags.

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Currently, you can buy dUCk products is only available at Fashion Valet’s website for online purchase. As for offline purchase, you can always visit their store in Pavillion as well as FV’s flagship stores! So make sure to check them out whenever you have the time to do so!

So we guess that is all about dUCk for now! Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below which Duckscarves PB and LE series is your favorite! We would love to hear them!

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