Girls can wear men’s shirt but men’s can’t wear girl’s outfit. Hah! The perks of being a girl! Hahahah! You should enjoy being a girl because we can wear anything we love! Who says we can’t pull off men’s outfit? One of retail’s dirty secret is that there’s a lot of options in the men’s department are either better made or cheaper than women’s items. Here’s a few men’s shirt and plenty of men’s outfit you can acessorized to make it more edgy and cool.


Button-down shirt

The men’s department consists of button-down shirts and we are all about the look of a slouchy men’s shirt paired with skinny ripped jeans or shorts right now. In addition, men’s shirts are made without pesky seams women’s clothes have. Usually located right on the side of your rib cage that make the garments look more fited and tight.

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Oversized sweaters

Next men’s shirt you can try is oversized sweaters. For oversized sweaters, you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time looking for the perfect oversized sweater this season. Just head over to men’s section and you will find the best and cozy oversized sweaters to rock on. In addition, this is one of those clothes that have better quality than women’s. Some of oversized sweathers like cashmere, cotton or woven are available at Uniqlo, Topman, or GAP.


Tuxedo blazers

When they scream chic, I’d say something about a woman in an oversized tuxedo blazer. Why? I think it’s kinda cool and look very sophisticated business woman with a style. You can wear it over anything from a pair of jeans to a gown. As usual, you can head to men’s department for the perfect option such as Topman, Calvin Klein or MANGO for HIM. Don’t worry if it’s a little to big. You can go alter a little bit at a tailor, drape it over your shoulders.


Boyfriend Style (Jeans)

Boyfriend style like wearing boyfriend jeans become one of the trendiest and cool look for girls. It’s kinda ute when girls accentuate their style into a little bit boyish and rugged. Especially when you match with flannel shirt or strapless top. Besides that, there’s a few stores selling quality boyfriend jeans that you can try. You can try survey at GAP, Forever 21 or Topshop. This kinda style never gets old.

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Oversize Coats

The fall runaways were awash in oversize overcoat. While you sitting at the porch, relaxing and you flip the magazine, those popular artist manage to pull off an amazing oversize overcoat. The oversize overcoat not only brings out the bolder side of you, it’s also very styish. So, you think overcoat is edgy and stylish but it’s quite pricey when it comes to designer collection? No worries. There’s a plenty of retail store you can stop by to checkout goo item at Topman, Topshop, ZARA or WALLIS.

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