The urban day of women’s wardrobe is pretty incomplete without a pair of edgy jeans which will accentuate her unique and beautiful body curves. There are a variety of jeans which suitable for every type of women’s curve. The basis of 3 elements of women jeans are cut, rise and wash. Check out the list of type of  jeans for women. A pair of good jeans must be tough, durable, stylish and should last for a long time.


Boot cut

The legs of these jeans are cut in a manner which allow the wearer easily slip into a pair of edgy boots. Boot cut jeans are narrowed on the thigh and flare below the knees. This type of jeans is suitable for all women but even more suitable with wide hips. Usually, normal women’s boot cut jeans are not longer than 1-2 inches different in circumference from knee to leg opening.

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Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are known as the trendiest jeans nowadays which looks good on slim and lean shapes. It’s a tight jeans in streatchable fit so don’t worry about your movement of leg. If you have a wide hip, think twice because it woulde make you look quite short. With these pair of jeans, you can match them with any types of tops, footwears or anything that can make you look skinny.

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Straight cut

Straight cut jeans is also known as cigarette jeans. Just like its name. It is straight and narrow and doesn’t widens at the ankles. If you want comfortable and nice to wear, which are not skinny, this pair of jeans will be the best choice because not only because it has a straight cut which balances the hip, but it also compliments the curvy looks on the wearer.


Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans? Yes, boyfriend jeans. You must feel a little confused  because of the name of the jeans, which is boyfriend. It might sounds funny but they do exist. These ladies jeans has loose yet baggy cut which looks like you have borrowed them from your boyfriend. It will look amazing on thicker thighs and legs. You also can play to tease your boyfriend too apart from wearing it as casuals.

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Ripped Jeans

Mostly ripped jeans ripped due to over wearing and were associated with working class. That is the reason why they called it Ripped or Rock n Roll kinda jeans and plus this jeans is manufactured and before they were only ripped near the knee parts but with change in fashion, the ripped ones near thighs at the back. This type of jeans not only suitable for men but women can rock it too. It gives a very smart look to the wearer.


Capri Jeans

Another most modern pair of jeans, the Capri Jeans which promotes stylish form of ladies jeans. You can wear it with confident if you have tined and pretty legs to flaunt. Length of this jeans just above the calf or one the calf. If you’re not comfortable with this length, you can increase the length a little more but not too much because it will look like cropped jeans.

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