Skirts can be an essential of a woman’s wardrobe and there are many different styles to choose. Select some neutral color, be sure it suits your skin color so that they can be mixed and matched with other colors. Colorful or patterned skirts are fun and bold but know your color so that it will match with your apparel. Here’s a guide 101 on type of skirts you can learn.


A-Line Skirt

One of the types of skirts is A-Line skirt. This skirt is small at the waist and then widens evenly as it reaches at the end of the skirt. They are wider at the hemline than at the waistline. In addition, this skirt can be knee length, calf length or ankle length. Usually this type of skirt can be worn casual and semi-dressy.

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Fishtail Skirt

Fishtail skirts are fitted at the waist and fuller around the hips and narrow at the knees, flare out at the heels. This type of skirts also know as mermaid skirt and they can be worn either dressy or for formal events.

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Mini Skirt

Next type of skirts is mini skirt. Everyone know mini skirts is the most cutest and edgy ink skirts dictionary. Mini skirts are very short and usually long enough between and crotch and the knees. They usually worn for casual attire like hangout with friends or talk a walk at he beach. In dressy or formal code, they can be inappropriate.

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Sarong Skirt

Sarong skirts is made from soft with large sheets of fabric. To wear this skirt, you have to wrap around the waist and tie on the side of the hip. Furthermore, you can wear it while sitting by the pool during pool party or while walking at the beach. Worn only for casual.


Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirt have vertical pleats running up and down the skirts all the way around. If you walk in this skirt, the skirts appears to open up. Usually this skirt reach to the knee or above knee and they require ironing. Also, it can be worn as casual or semi-dressy where it’s one of the classic and stylish skirt.

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