Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. It was founded by Tadashi Yanai in 1949 and the HQ is located in Midtown Tower, Akasaka 9-chore, Minato, Tokyo in Japan. Uniqlo promotes casual, minimalism wear for all gender and ages. On November 2010, Uniqlo launched their store in Asia and opened its door Kuala Lumpur in June 2010. That when Uniqlo Malaysia start to grown broadly with few outlets in every region in Malaysia.

Uniqlo Malaysia have a few section such as for men, women, girls, boys, babies and Hana Tajima collection for hijab women especially for their collection of hijab, shawl scarf and modest clothes lines. Each collection promotes comfy clothes and new tech such as AIRism, heat tech and as for graphic T-shirt, they have in UT collection.


In women’s collection, they sell mostly minimalism and modesty that defines simplicity. They sell long sleeve turtle neck, scarves for winter collection. Besides that, they also release comfortable underwear like shorts, singlets, sports bra, inseam panties which there’s no visible line when you wear pants. Other than that, they also have a lot of collection for office wear such as blazer, ankle ankle pants, oxford shirt which you can wear to work. In addition, you also can match with pencil skirts with a little touch accessories.


As for men’s collection, Uniqlo Malaysia release tons of sweaters, outerwears, shirts, pants, t-shirts and accessories too. As for sweaters, they usually release for winter and fall collection. Since Uniqlo collection followed the four seasons, the collection will always change. In addition, there are few outerwear for men such as seersucker jacket, weight jacket, coach jacket, 2-way down Parka. As for underwear, they have AIRism technology promotes comfortable briefs, boxers, shorts, inner V-necks and heat tech sweaters.

Kids and Babies

Kids and babies garments are also in Uniqlo Malaysia collection which also promotes another AIRism technology. This technology is vital for kids and babies collection since the children need comfy outfit to wear for outing. As for babies, they have AIRism mesh sleeves bodysuits. For kids, they have tank tops, t-shirts.
The girls collection consists of lounge wear, sweatshirt, blouse and shirts. For boys, they just release Star Wars t-shirt collection, Mickey Mouse and others.

Hana Tajima

One of the newest collaboration with Uniqlo Malaysia that promotes modesty yet minimalism in Muslim and hijabi women’s wear and outfit. Hana Tajima is a half Japanese UK born fashion designer and visual artist. She collaborated with Uniqlo and release urban wear for Muslim women. Her newest and most popular hijab, scarves, printed hijab and other clothes too. As for clothes, Hana Tajima released another collection such as stripped the long sleeve tunic, wrap long sleeve tunic, crew neck long sleeve tunic, ¾ sleeve blouse and long sleeve turtleneck which also based on inner wear such as inner turtleneck and AIRism headband.  

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