How to walk in high heels when you don’t really wear them on daily basis? How to be confidence in high heels when you’re not Vivy Yusof or Neelofa? How to not look awkward in high heels when you can’t even straighten your body?

We understand you. High heels can be pretty intimidating (and frightening too!) sometimes. But being able to walk gracefully in heels is so satisfying considering how difficult it is. So how to make heels more possible to walk in? What are the right ways to do it?

Well, here are 6 tips and tricks for you to try! Practice them and your feet thank us later!

Heel to toe

Never walk from toe to heel girls. You have to put your heels down first, and then followed by your toes. Doing it the other way around will make it more difficult to walk and your posture will get rather awkward looking. So, walking heel to toe will make your walk look so effortlessly more natural!

Posture is important

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This is when ‘practice makes perfect’ comes into the picture. To get that straight and perfect posture, you have to practice. Walking in heels can make you lean your head forward sometimes and you’re not even aware of it. So our advice is for you to lean slightly (just a slight) backward so that you can curb the tendency to make your head lean forward.

Does it fit?

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Just like Cinderella, your shoes need to fit. You will be facing a hard time walking around in heels that are a size too small or large for you. But what if your other foot is smaller than the other one? Well our advice is for you to go for the size of  the bigger foot. Why? Because you can always add insoles or pads to fill the extra space to the other shoe.

Take your time

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Just take your time when walking in heels, don’t rush. You will appear more elegant and poise when you walk slowly. However if you really need to rush, then you can take a bigger pace instead but at the same time, keep your walking confidence and balanced. Be careful not to stumble though!

Imagine the line

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How to not sway when walking in heels? This one needs a little bit of practice too but just imagine walking on a straight line. Keep your steps on the line. Step by step, one foot after another. Soon you will be able to walk straight without swaying and all the practice will be worth it!

Walk around the house

Never ever go out in heels without practicing first especially if the shoes are brand new. Take your time to get used to the shoes first by walking around the house. Make sure that you are able to stand and walk properly before going out. Try walking on different types of surface since each floor, grass and pavement has their own level of difficulty.

So that is all the tips on how to walk in heels! It’s totally fine if you are struggling. We have all been there and done that. But like we said, practice and practice. That is all you need… and maybe a good pair (or maybe two!) of heels too, LOL! And in time, you will master walking in heels. Good luck ladies!

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