Essential oil diffuser is a worthwhile investment to our beauty regime.

It is more than just a home appliance, more than to just refreshing the air and giving out a wonderful smell from the essential oils blend at home. Nowadays, people also use essential oil diffuser for face treatment!

How does this oil diffuser work? The name itself is self-explanatory. It breaks down the oil into micro molecules, small enough as when they are inhaled, our nerves will detect them and quickly send to the brain. Only a few essential oil can be put directly on the skin, the rest requires a medium or a ‘carrier oil’ to dilute the oil, hence it is utmost important to have this essential oil diffuser.

1. Diffuse facial oil to your face.

The same method when you put in the essential oil, add a few drops of facial oil into the diffuser and voila, you have your own DIY at home steam treatment. As the steam opens up your pores, your skin will reap the facial oil benefits. It doesn’t matter what facial oil you use, my favourite one is Black Gold Nourishing Facial Oil, original by @fatihasworld. This oil is amazing, contains mainly Nigella Sativa Plant (or the black cumin seed) and 24Carat Gold Flakes for added taste of luxury. Great for collagen boosting and nourishes the skin! The diffuser will help to optimize the absorption and accelerate the effects of the facial oil.

Followed by any nourishing face mask, moisturizer or your favourite facial oil, and your nightly skin care regime is complete. Here is an example of a skin regime by @fatihasworld.

2. Destress, unplug and unwind from stress.

We all heard how stress affects so negatively not just to our mood, but also to our skin, our face and also our weight. How studies have been correlating stress with inducing acne, skin aging and worse, cancer. It is important to destress ourselves every day to reverse the daily stress effect to our body. This is the key SECRET to many beauty practitioners: eliminate stress. You will be surprised how everybody is taking lightly about destressing yourself.

One of the ways to destress is by inhaling the fresh scent of the essential oils. Have some time alone, throw yourself on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea or just simply lie down on your bed, turn on that oil diffuser and relax.

The recommended essential oil to diffuse: lavender, chamomile, and clary sage. Add ylang-ylang for that ‘love spirit’ boost to enjoy with your partner.

Reminder: essential oil is not a facial oil, don’t out it directly on your skin (exception for lavender and tea tree).

3. Further boost/enhance the essential oil effects that we put on our skin.

Aside from facial oil, essential oils are also known for its beauty goodness to treat our skin, to nourish, to calm, even to solve for scars. Again, the essential oils need to be diluted with a ‘carrier oil’ such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. before putting it onto our skin.

Recommended oils: geranium, frankincense, rose, and lavender.

Diffusing similar essential oils into the air will boost their effects on our skin so we can accelerate the results quicker. These oils are again, also great to destress and for ‘inside healing’, not just for skin. Beauty regimen from inside will definitely show outside.

Good Luck. 🙂

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