The Pink Christmas 2016 Gift Guide 

The Ultimate Christmas 2016 Gift Guide for the beauty obsessed — in pink!

Now we’re talking! A gift guide for the beauty obsessed women in your life… either that or one to send to your loved ones with the line “any of this, please” to their respective emails. The reason I chose an all pink based products is… just because? Alright, it’s not secret that I love pink as much as I love black, but there’s just something about this sweet color that I think could melt even the strongest heart out there. In addition, the color pink symbolizes love, nurturing, romance and typically feminine qualities.

Absolutely perfect!

I’ve covered a lot of ground with this little edit, so I hope you enjoy having a browse through.

A Last Minute Christmas 2016 Gift Guide for the Lazy/People With No Clue on What To Get

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide
Christmas 2016 Gift Guide | Photo: Adlil for

The Pink List

First and foremost, these products are available here in Malaysia. Therefore, don’t worry — last-minute shopping will be much quicker! From as cheap as RM 5 to hundreds of Ringgit, I’m pretty sure you’d soon nick most of these bits yourself… ahem!

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide
Pink overload | Photo: Adlil for

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Palette, Beauty Milk, Blusher & Blender

Christmas 2016 gift guide
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Tartelette in Bloom Eye Shadow Palette

This beautiful 12-eye shadow palette is another addition to a girl’s dream! The cocoa smell is heavenly and the most popular product in Sephora this year.

Innisfree Blush, RM 25

This translucent blusher is perfect for everyday look. You can layer it, but the pigmentation would be subtle — making you look naturally flushed. I find this blusher smooth and does not cake.

L’Occitane Arlesienne Beauty Milk, RM 132

This limited edition beauty is a rose garden in a bottle. This might sound a bit ridiculous, but I swapped my First-Aid Beauty Cream (my holy grail hand cream) with this beauty milk. I keep this 250 ml bottle in my handbag and I lug it around. At times I would reapply and use the beauty milk as a substitute from my usual body spray/perfume. I just love the creamy rose scent!

A moisturizing body milk, fragranced with the irresistibly floral, deeply captivating scent of Arlésienne. The velvety texture envelops the body in a delicate scent with hints of Grasse rose, violet and saffron from Provence. These three flowers, emblematic of Provence, exude both an innocent softness and a bold sensuality.

Yes, it’s a little hefty in terms of pricing, but hey — it’s the time of the giving, right?

Yubiso Beauty Blender, RM 5

This cheap ‘Beauty Blender’ dupe is perfect for everyday use. Once you’re all done with this makeup sponge, I’m sure it’s not as hard to dispose them since it is pretty cheap to replace. Plus, it comes in so many pastel colors!

Exfoliator & Lip Related Things

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide
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Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, RM 96

This gentle exfoliating cleanser has papaya extract in it, which helps with brightening up the skin. Also, this is gentle enough to use for everyday.

Tarteist Lip Paint, RM 83

The one is this photo is the code ‘TBT’ — which I’m sure a true makeup junkie would have in their arsenal by now. This lip paint is not drying and smells minty, such a divine! It will leave a subtle tingling sensation to plump the lips.

One can never have too many lipsticks.

M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Glass, RM 78

This is such a throwback! This lip glass is one of the first thing I own from M.A.C (I’m sure most of you babes as well). The pigmentation, the ability to make your lips bedazzled (lol!) takes me back when I was 16 and owning lip glosses were the coolest thing.

M.A.C Cosmetics Lipstick, RM 78

M.A.C has a variety of pink lipsticks — just choose two or three!

NARS Audacious Lipstick, RM 101

These babies are not famous for nothing. You will be surprised of how much of a difference a pricier lipstick will look.

Powder & More Lip Substance

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide
Christmas 2016 Gift Guide | Photo: Adlil for

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, RM 99

Kat Von D has been known for her edgy vibe in her makeup collection. These liquid lipsticks will not budge unless you’re eating oily food — definitely should try under the mistletoe (winks). The best colors I recommend are Lolita (pictured left), Lolita II (pictured right), and Double Dare (not pictured).

M.A.C. Lip Pencil, RM 76

Again with the nostalgia, a pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Lip Pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that is perfect for lining the lips or filling them in. They available in a wide choice of colors that each work well with many lipstick shades. Trust me, they are versatile. Nab them!

Stila Lip Glaze, Price Unavailable

Stila is known for their iconic lip gloss comes in an array of delectable shades – giving lips serious reason to shine. Known for their cheery pops of color, they add the perfect splash of fun to your makeup repertoire. Wear them “a la carte” for a more subtle color statement or layered over one another for your own unique color creation.

What I love about these glazes are their easy twist application!

Innisfree No-Sebum Powder, RM 24

The one in the photo is actually a limited edition casing.

However, you will love this refined loose powder. I use this whenever I’m on the go, as it is easier to touch up with. Try this powder for yourself — Even Putreeo has this powder in her bag! The best part? No cake, no apparent white flashes, and so easy to blend with!

Primer, Body Spray & Well.. Lip Bars

Copy of No mirror makeup challenge (56)
Christmas 2016 Gift Guide | Photo: Adlil for

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, RM 29.90

If you belong in the realms of Tumblr or Pinterest, then you would have seen these cutesy Bars. They are actually lip glosses in the form of a stick. I swear, they are amazingly moisturizing and provides my lips with a healthy tint. Win-win.

Erborian Pink Perfect Crème (with Diospyros Kaki), RM 74/15ml

If you or anyone you know have dull skin, this primer is perfect. And I don’t say that loosely.

 The secret to natural morning glow, to be applied 1st as primer. In Korea, the persimmon (or Kaki) is called “gam”. Due to its numerous and beneficial therapeutic properties, it is considered the national fruit. The leaves of Diospyros Kaki, literally meaning “fruit of the gods”, used for centuries in traditional Korean medicine and botanical studies. In addition, they are combined with precious oils: pumpkin seed oil to regulate sebum production, horsetail extract to improve skin quality, and camellia oil to regenerate the skin and enhance cellular protection, while also providing anti-inflammatory action.

This subtly iridescent, exquisite skincare formula provides sheer, beautiful coverage. With its pearly “blur” effect, it gives a luminous, translucent finish and a natural-looking healthy glow, while also visibly refining skin’s texture.

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Fragrance Mist, RM 35/88ml

And last, but not least — a fragrance mist is the safest, no-brainer gift that anyone can receive. If the person you are sending the gift to prefers a sweet or a fruity smell, then Sweet Pea is perfect! Allow me try to explain how I would describe this particular scent. It smells like after a baby has taken a bath. The cotton candy you bought at the local funfair (not the gas station). That popular girl you hated in school, but an average Jane now. Sickly sweet. I wouldn’t recommend this for perfume aficionados, though.

I personally prefer sickly sweet smells. Somehow, it drives the people you don’t want to talk to away.


Any of the above made it to your list of giving?

Or perhaps, made it to your personal shopping list?

Merry Christmas to all!

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