Honestly – anyone who’s ever been on Instagram (a.k.a. everybody but your dad) knows that there’s a certain type makeup selfie dominated by younger celebs, beauty bloggers, and all those who worship them. It centers around liquid black eyeliner drawn on thick and winged out at the corners, full and precisely lined lips, contoured cheekbones, and penciled-in eyebrows.

First things first, I decided to dedicate this post on a personal quest to see if I jumped into the bandwagon. I scrolled through my feed (car selfies, car selfies everywhere) and I realized: My Instagram makeup IS my everyday makeup.

Therefore, my right dilemma now is trying to figure out whether I’m just boring or whether the photo-sharing app made me to always have that much amount of makeup on. Let’s analyze my selfies!

The Birthday Girl Selfie

selfie birthday
Never miss a good lighting!

This was shot on a morning to work. I thought, “This is my chance – what great lighting!”. It was a few days before my 25th birthday, so I decided to make myself up in the same way I do everyday (no contour). Them extra fleek eyebrows, though – I’m getting better at them now, lol! But this was one of favorite looks on myself as pink hues compliments my skin color so much.

The Snapchat Selfie

selfie snapchat
How basic.

Told you I got better with brows! This was one of my first snapchats, so naturally I had to share in my Instagram (deleted, sorry!). This filter accentuates my lips and eyes so much; I couldn’t help but to just stare in awe.

The Wedding Guest Selfie

selfie wedding
Going to bae’s wedding! #cryingontheinside

The makeup in this selfie is pretty similar to the birthday selfie but with a softer tone to it. In case you’re wondering about the lipstick I’m wearing – it’s Inglot AMC in 23.

The ‘Going Shopping’ Selfie

selfie shopping
Off for a facial!

I took this selfie on the way to go shopping with my sister. Since I knew for sure that I’ll be posting to Instagram – my makeup is still surprisingly the same. Hence, I have been wearing the same brow, liner (a little thicker this time), blush and pink/nude lipstick duty. 

This is starting to annoy me.


The National Lipstick Day Appreciation Selfie

selfie int lipstick day
Happy International Lipstick Day! Wearing Lolita II by@katvondbeauty

This ‘accidental’ selfie is a bit different than the previous ones – my eyebrow’s filled in much thicker and I’m wearing a bold lip! This was Kat von D’s Lolita II.

FINALLY, a break from the usual routine.

The ‘Stuck at the Office’ Selfie

selfie office
Good morning! #bossb*tch #werk

My blush is subtler and my lips often redder, bolder. I’ve also since then started paying attention to strobing and having my brows accentuated. This bold makeup is more likely to happen 3 days a week – and with no intention of posting to Instagram.As we gradually moving toward the final months of the year, I finally decided to wear mascara sans eyeliner – something I don’t enjoy as much before. As you can notice, I have long eyelashes – mascara tends to weight them down and I often have crusts or leftover debris into my eyes. CRINGE.

The TBT Selfie

selfie tbt
No caption.

This impromptu selfie was taken in 2015, towards the end of my MBA studies. I had a presentation that day, I think – and my makeup was bolder than usual. What amazed me was that it was the same makeup menu! Am I really that uninteresting?

The ‘Good Morning’ Selfie

selfie good moring

This selfie was taken recently. Seems like this pretty much sums my makeup routine right now.

The ‘Job Interview’ Selfie

selfie interview
No caption.

Ahhh, last but not least — the job interview selfie. To be honest, I’m actually quite surprised with this look as I’ve hardly had a ‘No Makeup Makeup’ episode. But there it is – clean skin, subtle wings, and the ‘my lips but better’ lipstick. Even more so, no hint of blush or even highlighter!

Conclusively, all that I could make out is how I am not that experimental when it comes to my color palette. Therefore, I have been using colors that compliments my skin and never a contrast. Obviously, I could not wear black lipstick to work, but  a subtle change would be great, perhaps?

Stay tuned!

Photos: @adlilzulaikha on Instagram.

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