What exactly are French nails, you ask? Well, basically it is just a white nail polish is directly applied on the tips of your nail. Along with it on the remaining portion of the nails, a flesh colored pink nail is applied. If your nails are not too big, you can also go for artificial tips to complete your look. French Nails works best for wide nail base which are a naturally moderate length. Another name for French nails are French tips. Huh. Go figure.

French Nails in History

Some of the styles of a standard French Manicure | Source: Pinterest.com

It was mentioned that French nails came about in 1930s, where the style (introduced by Max Factor) were popularized by Parisian fashionistas back then. However, most believed that the nail style did not come into popularity for another 40 years later!

In the 1970s, Orly’s creator Jeff Pink noticed a problem on movie sets: every time an actress changed wardrobe, the nail artists would have to remove her nail color and apply another shade to match her next outfit. This became pretty tedious after a while, so Pink suggested a two-toned natural look that would work with every outfit.

The movie industry fell in love into the style, but so did the fashion runways when Pink brought it to France. It wasn’t until the trend caught on in the fashion industry that Americans noted the style and aptly called it a “French manicure.”

The Guide to French Nails 

Classic French tip | Source: Pinterest.com

This style is still trending to this day — because it is so simple, you can even do it yourself!

Before you start, be certain about cleaning any leftover polish remaining due to the previous styling. Thoroughly wash, clean as well as get your nails trimmed of the desired length. Put a nail tip guide on every nail. Make it certain to trace the natural lines of every nail bed. You can do this easily using a Scotch tape, or even a plaster!

French tips now are coming in different designs and color | Source: Pinterest.com

Once the preparation is done, apply a thin base coat to make your nails ready for the next step. Afterwards, apply a light coat of off-white or white polish on every nail tip and let it dry completely. Brush the entire length of your beautiful nails with beige or pink polish and wait for them to dry. Lastly, apply the finishing coat on and you are ready with a fresh, dainty set of French nails.

The French Nails Maintenance

The claws are getting more popular nowadays, thanks to Lana Del Rey | Source: Pinterest.com

If you make it certain to apply a top coat on, the style would last for quite some time.  A simple trick is to apply a light finishing coat on, every night if you can. Also, make sure to always keep your nails healthy and clean. Any grime will be accentuated tenfold as French nails are meant to look natural and clean.

The French Nails Designs

Now, most people don’t usually go for the standard French Tips.  Below are some photos showing a vibrant, creative take on this classy style!

These pastel colors looks like iced lollies! | Source: Pinterest.com


Matte black with gold tips are too stunning! | Source: Pinterest.com


Silver and white is a modern take on the French tips |Source: Pinterest.com


Elegant and classy | Source: Pinterest.com

What’s your favorite way to style your nails? Do you like ‘French manicures’? 

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