Oh, to own a pretty vanity table! One of the things I enjoy most is to style and organize my dressing table, so I wanted to put together and share some makeup storage tips and tricks for creating the perfect place to carry out our makeup routine.

Makeup Storage

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The key in organizing a dressing table is storage itself. I have a mix of acrylic storage from MUJI (a beauty guru favourite), as well as drawer inserts and dividers – makes organizing things such as lipsticks and eyeliners, way simpler.

Although some people would say that this method is obsolete, but hey – to me, they still work. The drawers make seeing what you have super easy, and you have the choice to make them laid out prettily.

I also recommend items such as toothbrush holders, empty candle jars and pretty glasses you always get for free from weddings for keeping brushes, cotton buds and pads, lashes or polishes together. Don’t be afraid to look around your home, for a personalized option.


Baskets and trays are my favorite methods of organizing – even if you don’t have a ridiculous amount of makeup! I used to always head to H & M Home for pretty accessories, but sadly the store short-lived in Malaysia.

Recently, I was inspired by Get The Gloss’ ITG Top Shelfie to set up a mirror cabinet from IKEA on top of my bathroom sink, mainly to store my beauty as well as skincare products in one place. I will update you guys on that soon!


Styling is such a big part of creating a beautiful space, in my opinion.

It’s really easy if you have a color palette to stick up to or if you have gorgeous makeup packaging to show off, so play around with your makeup stash to see what you can create!

Personally, perfumes and clear jars are my go-to items for styling up my vanity.

How do you make your makeup stash looking all lovely and well organized?

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