We are so proud to launch our very first video, the “No Mirror Makeup Challenge” in our YouTube Channel!

No Mirror Makeup Challenge
Photo: theCovets dot com on YouTube

For our first video, we collaborated with Aisha Liyana, a fellow YouTuber from Penang. She’s close to 35,000 subscribers, so please go and send her some subscriber love!

Aisha Liyana is a wickedly talented makeup enthusiast. Literally, even without a mirror, she’s just too crazy pretty. I got lucky when I came into contact with her and she happened to drop by Kuala Lumpur from Penang!

I have had this challenge in my head for far too long. And so I thought, why not I try this challenge with Aisha herself? Lucky me, she agreed!

She’s such a sweet soul — inspiring and so generous with her beauty tips.

Check out our video below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Source: youtube.com/theCovets dotcom

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