Vanity mirrors, a dream accessory for girls that love to makeup. When it comes to makeup, we all know the struggle of a badly lighted room or using a bad quality mirror. Clearly, bad lighting and reflection can affect how we apply our make up on.  Here is why investing in a vanity mirror will change completely your makeup experience.

Whether you feel like you want a dressing room that makes you feel like an old school Hollywood movie star or a modern and professional makeup table like those in your favorite makeup shop (*Sephora, MAC & etc), a vanity mirror is definitely a must have.

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The lighting from the mirror helps to show your features even better such as the pores, scars and so on. This can help you focus accurately on areas that needed to be covered up. Besides it functionality, vanity mirrors helps to enhance the ambience of your room. It makes a great decorative piece in your home.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

There are many options these days for getting a vanity mirror that you can flex with within your budget. However do consider and plan out your space and money when buying a vanity mirror. Below are some things to consider when getting a vanity mirror:

Mounting style and space.

To make your option easier, you need to consider the space you going to have your mirror at. Whether its in your bathroom ,bed room or living room , have an idea of how you want your mirror to be fitted. The next is considering the mounting style whether a wall mounted mirror or a stand still mirror. Do consider having a power outlet nearby and available, as most vanity mirrors require a power outlet source.


Lighting is the major factor u need look at in a vanity mirror.  As natural lighting is the perfect light to do your makeup, vanity mirror’s lighting can come in many lighting color and brightness. A white light mirror is probably the most suitable lighting for makeup.

There are even portable vanity mirrors that can fit through your handbag. Having a vanity mirror will change your whole make up experience and make you feel like a step closer to being a makeup artist.


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