Welcome to my High-End Perfume Wish List!

To be honest, I’m not usually the one who spritz herself in perfumes.

I’m more like a body mist kind of person — light, airy and it wears off easily! Not that I hate having people to smell my trailing, but you get what I mean, right? I can always spray myself a different scent, and it won’t disrupt (perhaps disguise) the concoction of pollution + sweat of the former smell.

Now, with perfumes, though — I tend to be a bit picky.

I love my fair share of high end brands, but perfumes just never work for me. Until I was gifted one. Ever since then, I would just expect the perfume as gifts, as opposed to buying myself one. However, below are my top 3 choices in my wish list! These babies were all over in beauty magazines and the Internet wonderland. A little airport duty-free wouldn’t hurt, right?

High End Perfume Wish List

Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli Cologne

Source: Pinterest.com

For the first time in 20 years, Jo Malone London is launching a new fragrance with basil at the center stage of its ingredients. Newcomer Basil & Neroli offers a playful, fresh twist on the aromatic herb. Inspired by carefree adventures for the fashionably fun, basil notes open the scent, floral Neroli occupies the heart, while powdery white musk sits at the base. In master perfumer Anne Filipo’s words, it’s “a fresh, sophisticated, sensual floral with green facets — stunning in its simplicity.”

Burberry My Burberry Black EDP

Source: Pinterest.com

Eminent perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and Burberry’s Christopher Bailey come tegether once again to create this deep floral My Burberry Black Fragrance. jasmine flower and peach nectar wrap around the signature heart note of rose, while amber patchouli adds a heady twist. The gabardine knot commemorates the weatherproof fabric invented by Thomas Burberry more than a century ago, while the horn-finish cap recalls the heritage trench coat’s buttons. Armed with such a scent, you’re ready to step into the night.

Alexander McQueen EDP

Source: Pinterest.com

The mysteriously shrouded flacon of the parfum is handmade and sealed with a lacquered cap shaped like a black flower bud, sitting atop a garland of gilded feathers. The way it’s packaged had Victorian connotations and that’s very McQueen. While the parfum is dark and brooding, the Eau de Parfum of McQueen comes in  blush tones that denotes the lighter blend of the scent. The great thing about the Alexander McQueen scent is it’s uniqueness. The bottle are handcrafted! Ah-mazing.


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