Everyone likes to smell nice and when it’s about getting a perfume there is always a little confusion in deciding how to select the best one. Therefore to provide your brain with some useful information we would like to share some perfume shopping tips you can never go wrong with. Let’s have a look.

Perfume Shopping
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Be prepared

Standing in a perfume store in front of thousands of different fragrances can sometime be mind-boggling. To decide what to select and what to smell can itself be an overwhelming experience. Carry a pen and a notebook to make a list of all the fragrances which might interest you, like the latest releases or the perfume which your friend just bought. This will help in keeping the focus on that you want. Also the sales associate would understand your requirement better.

Avoid Wearing Any Lotion or Perfume

Any day on which you plan to go out for perfume shopping avoid applying any kind of lotion or perfume. As this could alter the fragrance of any perfume that you’re trying to purchase giving you a false smell.

Your first stop should be the fragrance counter

Our senses are the sharpest when we walk from outdoors right into a store. So, to avoid overloading your nose with all other fragrances present in the store. Try to make the scent count your first stop.

Time is a key component

Regardless of which perfume you applied on a blotter or skin, the alcohol requires some time to evaporate prior you smell. There it is advised to let a perfume dry before you smell it, so as to ensure that you do not smell any alcoholic fumes.

Avoid Keeping Close and Take Small Inhales

A lot of people think they require digging their nose right into the blotter or skin to smell the fragrance that they applied. You just require taking 3-4 quick and short inhales with the blotter or arming keeping it a few inches away from your nose. This will help you to understand the trail that is left behind by the perfumes.

Know that perfume shopping takes time

A lot of us just make that one visit to the fragrance counter and decide our purchase. It’s very important to realize that top notes of the perfume last for approximately 15 – 30 minutes whereas the bottom note of the fragrance lasts for the remaining day.

Prepared with all these quick tips your subsequent perfume shopping tour will definitely be less stressful and confusing. Happy Shopping!!


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