Perfumes are every woman’s best friend. Their long lasting fragrance not only makes you feel delightful but also people around you feel the beauty.

Tips to Test and Buy Perfume


There are a variety of perfumes coming up in the market every now and then. Generally we see numerous women stepping into the department store to one by one try all variety of scent. This is obviously wrong! First, try to stick with a brand that you have been using fro couple of years. This will ensure that it is suitable with your body and completely matches your skin chemistry. If you want to go for some new scents, it is recommended to apply it in a small amount on your wrist for about an hour. After some time the aroma of the sent will evaporate, so you can check the first note, subsequently the middle note and finally the base not will define how the sent reacted with your skin. Try not to repeat this procedure with too many scents at the same time, if you desire to do so invigorate your odor palette with a sniff from espresso been jug.

Tips to Apply Perfume


Certainly everyone has their unique style to wear scent. But there are some general techniques that can be followed .It is suggested to start spraying from your inner wrist, to the inner side of the elbows, behind the ears and knees. The pulse aid’s in sending out the scents. By spraying a little amount of scent in the air and walking straight into it, results in diffusing of the perfume all over your body. Do not rub wrists collectively after applying the scent. It will crush and weaken the smell. Try to use the similar fragrance in variety of products such as bath gel, bath spray, body lotion etc. Never apply perfume to jewelry or clothing. It might damage your expensive jewelry or stain your clothing.

Tips to Store Perfumes


The perfumes are temperature and light sensitive. The best places to store perfumes are dark, low temperature and dry places. It is seen that women store their bottle of mist in refrigerators during those hot summer days, but we recommend you to keep it safe under the cabinet below the sink. Most of the scents certainly have shelf life of approximately 3 -5 years from their manufacturing date. The scents which are spray type tend to last longer as compared to the splash type.


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