How do you define the scent for men or women? Truth to be told, there aren’t any clear characteristics of how a man or woman’s perfume should smell like. Gone were the days where floral and fruity scents are for women; while woody and spicy is for men.Top 5 Unisex Perfume

More and more perfumes in the market nowadays are gender-neutral, and you’ve got to admit – it is so much more cost effective if you split it with your better half. With this in mind, we have sorted out a list of gender-neutral scents for you to choose from.

Top 5 Unisex Perfume

Calvin Klein CK2


CK has many best-sellers, but when they launched the light-citrusy CK One, the product took the market by storm. Unlike its predecessor, CK2 is woody yet fresh with very unique combination of wasabi and jasmine.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir


Designed to be worn by both male and female, Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir is the perfect choice if you are looking for a unisex perfume. It has a top note of refreshing pomegranate with a floral blend of Casablanca Lily and smoky wood as its base note.

Diptyque Volutes Eau de Toilette


With the combination of smoky, spicy and sweet, the Diptyque Volutes Eau de Toilette dries down to hint of tobacco with touch of cherry flavours.

Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo


The word tuxedo gives the vibe of bold and masculine, and this is exactly what Yves Saint Laurent’s Tuxedo is all about. Except it has a contract of fresh bergamot and lily that pairs so well with its peppery and smoky note.

Tom Ford Black Orchid


A debut fragrance from designer Tom Ford, the highly anticipated Tom Ford Black Orchid starts off with earthy notes, dries down to really sweet note of vanilla and ended with a nice soothing woody scent again. This super intense and sensual perfume is ideal for both men and women.

With so many gender-neutral scents in the market, which are your top picks?


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