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Adele Chow

What is your current occupation?

I am a business owner and I run a social  media and content marketing company called Sevenvault


Search us on Instagram – @sevenvault or check out our website,!

Career start out

I’ve always believed in telling stories and I love quality content. To be able to create and build something has always been a dream. In Oct 2015, I decided to just start something on my own because if it’s not now, then when?

Current update about yourself

About myself?

I guess I’ve always been swamp with work and big things are coming up next year!

New beauty product you’ve tried

I love the new BB cushion from Korea – called IOPE!

Not really new but.. Ive just tried it recently lol.

Where you spend most of your time

Work. Coffee place?

One place where you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia

KLCC? Hahaha

Mantra that you believe in

Work hard. Do all things with love.

Because when you do your best, God will do the rest.

Adele Chow
Photo: Adele Chow

What’s in your makeup bag now

Sunscreen! A MUST!

BB cushion

Eyebrow Pencil!


Personal style

Casual. Very casual. Because comfort always wins.

Five beauty items you cannot live without

Eyebrow Pencil



BB cushions

Make up base!

What’s your typical day like at work/weekends?

You don’t want to see my google calendar.

I guess my average daily life are filled with minimum 2-3 meetings a day.

Weekends? I go to church on Sundays. Haha!

Favorite place you have traveled to

London. Can’t wait to be back!

How you unwind after work

Eat. And sleep. I loveeee food!

Any beauty advice from your mother?

Wash your face with water, just water.

What’s next for you?

Next year. Company is expanding. Lots of work to do. Haha

Ultimate Beauty Icon

Kendall Jenner

Movie that made you laugh the hardest

A lot… I can’t remember one specifically now

Favourite beauty brands

I don’t particularly have a favorite brand but I love trying new stuff!

What makes you smile the most

Food. Holidays. People with good intentions.

Adele Chow
Photo: Adele Chow

How you got started in makeup

We all have to look good right… I guess you just learned how to be presentable as soon as you are in the working world!

Favorite Malaysian meal

Asam Laksa!

The last book that you’ve read

The Purpose Driven Life

Signature scent

DKNY Apple!

Handbag essentials

Phone, Powerbank, Cable and my card holders.

Instagram or Snapchat


Lazy girl beauty staple

Hmm.. I don’t really have one?


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