Please introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Adriana Roslan 🙂

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What is your current occupation?

I am a Design Architect, Freelance Interior Designer and a Social Media Influencer

Where can we find you online?

You can mainly find me on instagram at

How did you start your career?

I studied in my course for 4 years before starting work full-time. As for Influencer, I started by doing part-time modelling, small roles in TV Ads, and my love for beauty and make-up. I think that was how I was slowly recognized?

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What’s the current update about yourself?

Currently doing campaigns on my media platform with a few companies, e.g Ittify, PocketMall. And also in the process of applying for my Masters programme 🙂

Describe your personal style in THREE words

Minimalist, Comfortable, Monochrome

Less or more?

Less is more 😉

What do you wear on lazy days?

Definitely either an oversized shirt dress, or basic tees with culottes.

Who’s your style icon?

Vanessa Hudgens – tho i’m not that boho but I love everything she has on her!

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

Then it used to be fashion mags, but now, everything is on Instagram. There are accounts that I follow to get in trend or inspire myself.

What do you think about denim over denim?

Workable, but depends. I don’t think I can work it well haha!

Sneakers, flats or heels kinda girl?

I’m a definitely all three. I have a fair share of collection for all hehe

What’s your style philosophy?

You wear your clothes, not the otherwise! Confidence is key in everything

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What’s a fashion trend that can never let you down?

Culottes. It’ll never age as the years go by. 😀

Do you see makeup as part of fashion?

Of course. Well as the main side dish. Different make-up look can change your whole entire outfit! Either good, or bad

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Which celebrities have the best style to you?

Local celebrity would be Scha Al-Yahya. Others, still Vanessa Hudgens. And Kylie Jenner too

Monochrome or colour blocking?

Monochrome, all the way!

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Who is the most fashionable woman that you know?

Queen Rihanna

What’s your favourite thing to wear?


Accessories you can’t live without?


Are you afraid of wearing an all-white outfit?


What are the FIVE things that you must have in your bag?

My card holder, compact powder, hand sanitizer, house keys, hair clip

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What’s the priciest thing you ever splurge on?

My own car! Hahaha

If you have to wear ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fancy sneakers

Which fashion trend that will never be out of style?

Classic 80s style

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Polka dots or stripes?


What are you currently following in the fashion industry (brand, news, model career, etc)

Closely have been following Kulet (local shoes brand), Nelissa Hilman, Adila Long, all these new local designers who have been taking my attention for awhile now

What do you like besides fashion?

I love travelling the world.

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Your favourite apparel?

Anything over-sized 😀

What kind of style that you’re least confident about?

Patterns over patterns

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What’s your favourite fashion brand?

Zara, H&M, Uniqlo

Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to fashion?

Vanessa Hudgens, hahaha

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Name THREE things you can’t live without?

Spotify, Youtube and Netflix

When did you first involve in fashion?

I don’t really have the answer to that. You just have that tendency of evolving as the trend goes. It came naturally I guess?

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