Introduce yourself

I’m Aisha. I go by Aisha Liyana on all my social media and I am a makeup enthusiast. I’m an introvert from Penang who likes to talk and has awkward social skills. I do makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel sometimes. Have I told you that I love makeup?


Aisha Liyana
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I just graduated and still searching for an “occupation”. I have a business degree. Any company wants to hire me (preferably beauty/cosmetics line)?  Lol I’m also considering furthering my studies.


IG: @aishaliyana | Twitter: @aishaliyana | YouTube: Aisha Liyana | Snapchat: aishaliyana | Facebook: Aisha Liyana Kamal Fasha (but I don’t recommend FB because my profile is private and I almost never approve people because…. Lazy)

Career start out

What career? Haha. If you consider running a YouTube channel a career then… I started out by posting a single makeup tutorial video  about 5 months ago because I just finished my final exam (of my degree life) and had plenty of time in my hands and it all took off from there. And now I’m here Alhamdulillah.

Current update

I don’t have any major updates on myself right now (at least I can’t think of any) …. Can I skip this?

Favorite new beauty product

I’ve recently bought the Zoeva Plaisir box which comes with 3 different eyeshadow palettes in the set. I think the colors are absolutely lovely and pigmented. Very wearable shades. On top of that, I think it’s quite affordable (for a purchased-in-sephora palette). I’ve been having fun creating different looks with it! Oh and the Garnier Micellar Water. IT REALLY WORKS. I instantly switched my makeup remover to this micellar water once I tried it out.

Where you spend most of your time

In my room (obviously). Contrary to popular belief, I am not much of a socialite. I like to stay home. I enjoy my own company. I think maybe that’s why I ended up talking to a camera and made it my part-time job. Also, my dad likes to keep me in check (at all times). I might be 23 but I still need to ask permission from my parents to go out and I have curfews and stuffs.

So overwhelmed! Thank you, buzzfeed! 😭 #Alhamdulillah

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A place where you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia

PENANG OF COURSE. Haha. Because I am here (duh). And this place… this island is just beautiful. It’s a mix of urban and traditional… But most of all… it’s for the glorious FOOD.

Mantra that you believe in

Not really. But I do always hold on to the phrase “Trust in god, but lock your car.”  I strongly believe that, in everything that we do, we should always put our trust in Allah. Everything happens for a reason. But nothing comes without effort. So we have to do our part.

What’s in your makeup bag right now

My makeup bag right now has stuff that I brought to Mecca so there’s nothing much really. I have Nuura Air Cushion foundation in there because I think cushion foundations are the most convenient to use and this one has SPF50+++ I also have a blusher and contour stick. They are both Korean brands. I find things in stick form are more travel friendly since I don’t need to carry a brush around to use them. I also have Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil for brows because it’s just really good and super easy to use (it has a spooly part too which is convenient). And lastly I have Benefit’s Benetint for the lips. That’s all the makeup I have in my makeup bag right now.

Describe your personal style

Simple and safe. I think I have a pretty feminine personal style.

Five beauty items you cannot live without

I truly cannot! I’m the type of person who likes to switch up my beauty products. That is why if you look at my makeup products, you will find that many of them look barely used. But I do use them!

Beautiful shot by @elmi_photography 🌾

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Your typical day like at work/weekends

I live with my parents and my siblings at our house in Penang. I am done with my studies so I am now a certified “penganggur” haha. I help around the house as much as I can. Chores and what not. Fetch my brothers from school and stuff. Most days you will find me playing with makeup and filming makeup tutorials and editing videos. Weekends are reserved for family time.

Favorite place you traveled 

AMSTERDAM. If you haven’t already know, I lived there for 5 months last year and it’s just such a beautiful city ugh I miss it so much.

How you unwind after work

What work? 😛

Beauty advice from your mother

None. My mom doesn’t really care about beauty  (as much as I do). And I don’t think she needs to. Have you seen my mom?!  She’s beautiful even at 53. I have an advice from my dad though… I will always remember when I refused to extract my teeth (I had to extract 4 of my premolars) to wear braces when I was 15 and my dad said “You have to do it. Beauty is pain.” Haha. Between the two of them, my dad cares more about “beauty” than my mom LOL

What’s next for you

I am working on some projects… some small some a little bigger… TBH the future is still pretty vague for me right now but there are so much opportunity out there and I can’t wait to see and embrace what comes next!

Ultimate Beauty Icon

I don’t think I have an ULTIMATE one but for now I will have to settle with Pony’s Makeup. Pony is just so talented and pretty and… ugh. And what’s more, she’s Asian so she’s definitely one of those beauty icons that I look up to.

Movie that made you laugh the hardest

She’s the Man. Gotta love that movie. Cracks me up every time.

Favorite beauty brands

I LOVE TARTE. I also like NYX because they do some amazing stuff at affordable prices. Morphe and Makeup Revolution are my favs too.

What makes you smile the most

When I know I made someone happy (which probably doesn’t happen a lot). And when people tell me they watch my videos and they love them. I never get tired of that. Also food. Food makes me smile just the same.

How you got started in makeup

My elder sister Sarah started this whole makeup thing. I never cared about makeup until she started buying these real techniques brushes and all these other makeup stuff. She was my roommate so we shared almost everything (including her makeup). Then I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and my makeup collection started to grow. That was aout 5/6 years ago. My makeup collection has grown exponentially in recent years. Heh heh heh. Nowadays, I tell myself it’s an investment.

My roommate/sister just got hitched 👰🏻 #megatsarahwedding #sarahXmegat

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Favourite Malaysian meal

Nasi Lemak FTW

The last book that you’ve read

Finding Alaska by John Green

Aisha Liyana’s signature scent

Nope! Just like all else, I like to switch up my fragrances too. Currently using one from Bath and Body Works.

Instant shawl from @jelitasara ❤️ #jelitasara #jsaranewcollection

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Your handbag essentials

Purse, phone, power bank, tissue paper. But for more details you can check out my What’s in My Bag Video on my channel 

Instagram or Snapchat

Instagram. Simply because I have more people there than in Snapchat. But I still do love Snapchat. Snapchat will always have a special place in my heart. <insert heart emoji here>

Lazy girl beauty staple

Eyebrow pencil, lip tint, blusher. The brand doesn’t really matter to me.


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