Please introduce yourself

I wish I had a creative nickname but I don’t, so I just go by Aisyah. Born and bred in the outermost region of Kedah but currently living in Petaling Jaya. I’m 23 this year. I blog, read, sometimes make youtube videos, am enthusiastic in arts, very interested in filmmaking, but spends most of my time in law school. Also passionate in philosophy, religion, youth development, fashion, and women empowerment.

What is your current occupation?

Living my oh-so Elle Woods dream at the moment. Currently doing a law degree in the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. I’m also the ambassador of Nation Building School & the Islamic Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (YADIM), Fashionvalet’s icon, and an active member of ICANN & Internet Society Malaysia

Where can we find you online? (Some of my artwork can be found through #aisyahsart) (Mostly active here) (I write and post a lot of my artwork here) (I make videos for fun) (the organization I’m working with)

How did you start your career?

I started getting recognition after SPM when I was discovered through my arts and invited to speak at the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

I also decided to start making youtube videos that time as a medium for me to speak up and overcome my self-esteem problems. I did not really think too much of it, until strangers on the internet started watching and sharing.

Since I was (at that time) also very active volunteering, attending events, blogging and posting my artwork online, I started to get invitations to speak at various institutions and organizations in and outside Malaysia such as Walailak University (Thailand), BUNGA ’15 in Sydney, Kelab UMNO Melbourne, ICANN Singapore, Curtin University, Universiti Sains Malaysia, UniKL, Universiti Utara Malaysia, UNIMAS Sarawak, UiTM Shah Alam, IIUM and many more.

What’s the current update about yourself?

Currently in my third year in UM Law School and am working very closely with Nation Building School. Nation Building School is basically an NGO which focuses on youth development and aims to create leaders within the society by encouraging them to organize events, attend forums/conventions, learn from leaders, do networking etc

Favorite new beauty product you have tried?

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundatioon. I have also been loving the ZOEVA Cocoa Blend palette. It’s by far my best purchase!

Where do you spend most of your time?

At my faculty’s library, in secluded cafés or in my bedroom. I am most creative when I am on my own or in quite spaces.

Name one place where you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia.


Do you have any mantra that you believe in?

Not really. But I have always believed that having faith in God is an incredibly powerful thing and that there is good in everything that befalls us in life, even in losses and in failures. The trick is to work hard, and trust God

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

I’m currently travelling so I don’t bring around that much make up, only the essentials. They are:

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation
  • Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer
  • ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Palette
  • MAC Matte Lipstick in Taupe & Velvet Teddy
  • Maybelline’s Big Eyes Barbie Mascara
  • Mary Lou-Manizer
  • Sephora’s blush
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray
  • Daiso’s eyebrow pencil in light brown
  • Setting powder and Johnsons Baby powder
  • Make up brushes, eyelash curler
  • Make up wipes

How would you describe your personal style?

Simple and feminine, quick but modest. Love pastels and not fond of striking bold colors. Most of the time in black dresses/abayas because they are the best- mysterious, classy, lazy, modest, efficient, safe, comfortable all at the same time.

Name FIVE (5) Beauty Items you cannot live without.

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundatioon
  • Maybelline Lip Gradation lipstick in Mauve
  • Baby powder/ any setting powder
  • Daiso’s eyebrow pencil
  • Maybellines Rocket Volume Express mascara (they discontinued this 🙁 sad )

What’s your typical day like at work/weekends?

I devote my weekdays to law school and studying- not the most exciting routine, but I love it. I’m also part of my law school’s editorial board (the UM Law Review) and have theatre practice during the night. During weekends on the other hand, I’m usually busy attending events (primarily with Nation Building School)/fulfilling invitations.

When I don’t have events to go to, I’d spend time on my hobbies (arts, reading, piano, filmmaking, visit the florist, café hopping/out with friends). This year, I’m trying to make it a habit to go for a run every single day. I feel the need to constantly move/be active. I find it damaging & detrimental to only sit in one place and do nothing. In the words of Morrie Schwartz, “when you’re in bed, you’re dead”

Favorite place you have travelled to?

Makkah & Madinah.

How do you unwind after work?

I don’t really ‘work’ since I’m studying but after school, I love to just stay in my room and spend time talking/dining out with my roommate, Nadia and my best friend Noreen. Sometimes we would watch TV shows or movies together such as Breaking Bad & Little Manhattan.

I actually look forwards to come back from school everyday to them. They’re the most positive and kindest of friends. I honestly can’t imagine a life without them.

Any beauty advice from your mother?

This might sound cliché, but my mother always remind me that beauty is skin deep & it comes from within. (Uhm, not helping mom). But now that I’m older, everything seems to finally fall into perspective.  

Character is more important than how you look on the outside. She also taught me how to wear ‘bedak sejuk’, which does wonders but also scares the hell of people haha.

Who is your ULTIMATE Beauty Icon?

Jenn Im! She’s also on youtube, and she reads!

Movie that made you laugh the hardest?

The Stupids (1996). It’s a movie I watched during my childhood and it’s just silly and funny

Favorite beauty brands?

Tarte! love everything in their range.

What makes you smile the most?

When I see my favorite sushi slowly makes its way to me on the conveyor belt and I’d be like “easy baby, come to mama!”

Tell us how you got started in makeup.

I only started to wear make-up in university after being invited to a plethora of events and since I was offered to work with fashion companies such as Fashionvalet and Rayyan Haya.

Back then, I didn’t even know what a primer was, not until my 2nd year of university. I love seeing people do their faces on youtube/makeup tutorials. However (ok this might sound ironic) as much as I love experimenting new products, I am most comfortable with minimal make-up.

Favorite Malaysian meal?


What was the last book that you’ve read?

My roommate’s book, Atonement by Ian McEwan!

Any signature scent?

I wish I could say J’adore by Dior haha but at the moment all I could afford is Mad About You – Bath and Body Work lol

What are your handbag essentials?

Phone, wallet, keys, a pen, planner, Quran, tissue/make-up wipes, baby powder, lipstick and a book

Instagram or Snapchat?

I used to be more active on Snapchat as it’s more private but since we now have instastories and I don’t have enough space on my phone (lol), I’d say instagram.

What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

When I’m lazy, I wear completely nothing. Au natural all the way haha! Ok maybe some concealer, baby powder and lipstick for colour. I feel that it’s important for all women to be able to feel confident in our own skin, without anything on whatsoever. That’s why skincare is always more important than makeup. It’s always nice to have a clean and clear canvas to start with.

What’s next for you?

After I graduate from law school, I plan on pursuing my Masters and PhD. In the meantime, I wish to get out more, get my hands dirty and do more for my country.

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