Hi, I’m ChiCheng, an ordinary 23 years old young adult, but extraordinary to herself.

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Personal Style


What Mantra That You Believe in?

               “Always prove myself to myself, but not anyone else.”

Current occupation


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What makes you smile the most?

                 Doing what i love.

Follow Her Social Media

Facebook : www.facebook.com/chichenglow

              Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/chicchengg/

              Snapchat : chicchenggl

Her Mom’s beauty advice

                 Always taking good care of our skin, because in the end of the day people will amazed with it but not how you dressed up and  yo face when we getting older.

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How she got started in make-up

                 I think every girl go through this stage that want to learn make up from all the tutroial videos during the age of 15? girls just being girl *haha

ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

                  Gigi Hadid

Favorite new beauty product

             ePure Nude Perfecting Essence

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What’s in your makeup bag right now?

67 Rose Tourbillon powder blush from Chanel

               Dior Addict JP Glow 001

               Rouge Dior Baume 730

               Hydrating hand cream from Hand Food

               Vaseline Lip therapy

               Eye drop that i bought from Tokyo

5 Beauty Items That She Can’t Live Without



Body Lotion

Moisturiser Cream for face

Contact lens

Favourite beauty brands

                 La Mer

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Her signature scent

                 Dior Ja’dore

Handbag essentials

                 Wallet and Make up Bag.

Recommended place in Malaysia

              Alor Setar, rich culture and good food.

Her favourite destination

                 Phuket, Thailand *im a beach person

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Malaysian favourite food

                 Nasi Lemak

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