Introduce yourself 

I am Chloe Leong from Penang. I am quite an adventurous person yet pretty calm sometimes. You probably won’t believe that I have obtained an advance PADI open water diving license for 30 meters. On the calm side, I love spending time with friends for casual drinks, doing film productions & photo shooting. People who don’t know me think that I am quiet but I can laugh out real loud when someone cracks me up for silly little jokes and I stop when everyone starts staring me.

Chloe Leong
Photo: Chloe Leong on Instagram

我可以和一百个人微笑 但心只给你一个 ❤️ #dailylook #chloeleongg_

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 Current occupation

I am 23 years old and working as an online social media influencer. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from home and where ever I am, as long I have my phone or internet. At current stage, I manage my own social media pages and ranging of content.


 Where to find you online

Internet is one the greatest creation of human! You can simply type in my name Chloe Leong and you can find me at: 


Chloe Leong






How you started your career

Everything started from the moment I joined a sexy jazz dancing lesson when I was 16. I remember I was so interested in dancing and trained so hard when there are public performances representing the dance studio. I was then being approached by friends who are doing photography and styling for freelance photo shooting and this is how everything came around. It was started when online social media became common and a daily communication platform say back in 2013.

Current update about yourself

I just got back from Koh Samui, Thailand and I have tonnes of videos to edit and produce to share to everyone soon! I really love to share on my travelling moments, so I am aiming to reach more thousands of YouTube subscribers in 2017.  

 Favorite new beauty product

Sulwhasoo – the Perfect Cushion

A cushion foundation that perfectly covers spots and even wrinkles for the instant perfect look.

Where you spend most of your time

At home. I can spend a whole day just chilling at home, spending quality time with my family, to work, to film, to sleep and to find inspirations.




Name one place where you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia

I will definitely recommend Georgetown, Penang! Not because I was born in Penang but George Town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site with some British settlement heritage trails which is so nolstalgic. Besides, you can find yourself laying down at the beachside with a fresh coconut water at Batu Ferringgi or horse riding there could be romantic! Penang is also an incredible place to be for foodies. There are some hidden seafood restaurants next to the beach where they cook you fresh seafoods from fishermen pulling off boats from shore. While enjoying your seafood feast, some locations allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the iconic Penang Bridge too! Come find me in Georgetown, Penang!

Mantra you believe in

Life is a journey with only one way ticket, live in present is preparing yourself for the better future.    

What’s in your makeup bag

Kiehl’s – Sunscreen ( A MUST! )

Shiseido – Foundation

Sulwhasoo – CC cushion

3Ce concept eyes – Eye liner

Benefit – Eye brown pencil

Maybelline – Great Lash® Waterproof Mascara

Marc Jacobs – Eye shadow palette           

Lime Crime – Lipstick

Describe your personal style

Leisure, petite or feminine look.

Five beauty items you cannot live without

Hydrating Masks

Hair Curler

Eyebrow Pencil




Your typical day like at work/weekends

I travel around to meet my clients or customers and attend events. Sometimes I stay in to do my work and also film production. During free time, I spend time with my bf and family.

Favorite place you traveled to

Maldives. I love their crystal clear and unpolluted seaside so much and there is where I found peace and to meditate. Maldives is one of the most beautiful and magnificent sights in nature I ever seen and I will definitely go back in future.

Woke up and felt the vibe ..! #dailylook #chloeleongg_

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How you unwind after work

Eat, sleep and do mask. I loveeee tidbits!!

Unique marble timely gift from @Abbottandmosley ⌚️⬜️

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Beauty advice from your mother

Drink a lot of water, eat oranges/apple daily and sleep early


What’s next for Chloe Leong

I would want to see myself doing better in what I am at now and travel more.

Your Ultimate Beauty Icon

Song Hyo Kyo & Kim Go-Eun

Movie that made you laugh the hardest

Hmm.. I’ve no idea, I can laugh out easily for silly little jokes


Capture the perfect hair moment ! Credit goes to Sam from @blondebrunette 💇🏽 #dailylook #chloeleongg_

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Favorite beauty brands

There are so many beauty brands out there that it’s not hard to get lost amongst them. For me, it is depending on the areas and concerns to pick through available brands.

Clarins – An eye serum that refreshes, tightens, brightens

SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence – Reduces the look of your skin’s hidden and visible spots to reveal a brighter aura glow.

Maybelline – Loves their Mascara.The curve fits perfectly to my eyelash line, so it’s really easy to get into the deepest lashes and flare it out.

NYX – I am so obsessed with their concealer. Full covers up my fine lines/ dark circles really well and their packaging is super light weight and easy to carry around.

Now I know how it feels to be pampered by @Clarinsmy ❤️

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What makes you smile the most

My family, my friends, desserts, holidays and people with good vibes.


Tell us how you got started in makeup

When I started photo shooting for a friend. I joined a make up and styling course to learn about the magic touch.

Favorite Malaysian meal

Tomyam mee. I loves spicy food.

Last book that you read

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

Signature scent

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt.  

Feeling closer to the sea #chloeleongtravels

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Your handbag essentials

Maybelline Baby Lips –  It keeps my lips moisturized and not sticky

Sunglasses – Gentle Monster (Brand which is from Korea)

Powerbank –  Can’t let my phone out of battery LOL

Perfume – You’re never fully dressed without perfume

Cardholders – For a lazy girl

Instagram or Snapchat

Instagram instead. It is the new Snapchat.


Chloe Leong’s lazy girl beauty staple

Lipstick , good skin and a big SMILE!




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