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Daphne Iking

What’s the most interesting thing you did before this interview?

Chores. Housework is therapeutic for me.

Gifts [from my husband] used to be handbags and spontaneous vacations without the kids. Now, all I want are items that make house chores less of a drag so I can go off and do yoga!

You just gave birth to your son Isadore, recently! How has your beauty routine changed since then, if it did? What are some of the new wellness lessons you’ve picked up since?

Because I have no helper now, I wake up between 4.30AM to 5AM to try and get some house chores and vlog-editing done before the household stirs.

I’d then drink a glass of water with my apple cider half an hour before I eat my apple or pecan nuts.

By the time the kids are awake and off to school, I’d sneak in a light stretch before popping into the shower.

Usually, Isadore is still asleep so I have a record of 10 minutes get out of my vomit-stained nightdress, wash up, moisturize (so important!) and to get dressed.


Daphne Iking
Daphne Iking with her son Isadore | Photo: Nerissa Khan

Since pregnant with my son, I’ve been making a point to get dressed everyday.

I work mostly from home at my home studio, and the tendency to just work in your pajamas is there.

But I read somewhere that working-at-home mothers should dress the part so we are more productive, and that’s what I’ve been doing since.

Even though I’m dressed casually, I still make time to comb my hair, dab some blush, tint my lips and put on some mascara.

We have always noticed that you have great skin. What are some of the products you swear by for your skincare regime, and why do they help you?

My skin fares better with water based moisturizers – I can’t take heavy creams because I’d feel icky and then become prone to breakouts.

At the moment, I am trying out some new supplements that contain Lutein as well as some hydrogen-packed water that a friend wanted me to try.

I’ve also added fish oil supplements too in my diet, as I was suffering from sore joints. The high level of Omega 3 contained in it seems to contribute.

If we were to peek into your bag right now, what are the top three beauty items that we would find in there? Why are they your weapons of choice?

Liptint by Serasi (a Malaysian brand that does organic beauty products), RC essential oil by Young Living (which is great for the occasional sniffles, since I’m allergic to dust), and Crabtree and Evelyn’s Rose travel moisturizer.

Liptint hydrates my lips while giving me a nice color so I don’t look so pale for last minute meetings.

I have one in my diaper bag too, for times when the baby is with me. And no thanks to constant handling of chores, my hands are so dry! So I always take a travel-sized hand moisturizer with me.

What were some of the most pivotal or challenging moments in your career that had, in hindsight, helped you pick up skincare tips that, now, always make you look and feel good?

I used to be a cabaret dancer when I was a university student in Penang who was falling in love with the entertainment industry for the first time.

From the senior dancers — I learnt that removing makeup at the end of the day is essential (no matter how late it ends, one MUST remove all traces of makeup for the sake of her skin) and to drink plenty of water between gigs.

I remember doing back-to-back shows, during which our makeup routines had to be done in really random places like the kitchen area of a banquet hall, or backstage where lights were no ideal.

So in my bag, I always carried my own travel mirror and a torch. I had my makeup kit and makeup remover too, along with extra clothing, stockings, a pair of comfortable shoes and filled water bottle. After my first advertisement, I learned to sleep early and put on masks before a shoot.

You are a Kadazan woman. What are some of the most important beauty lessons that you have learned from your family and community concerning wellness, mental health and beauty?

From when I was young, both my mother and grandmother had always reminded me the importance of loving my body.

They said it’s important to respect it and to uphold good virtues, as physical beauty only lasts until a certain age.

Inner beauty, on the other hand, never dies.

As cheesy as it sounds, I believe in this wholeheartedly. My mother is a simple lady with a simple sense of style, who does not use makeup. I think the only effort she puts in being “vain” is coloring her hair with henna. I learned so much from her.


Daphne iking
Daphne Iking and her family | Photo: Nerissa Khan


What are some of the wellness and beauty tips/secrets that you have learned from your mother that you could share with us, and how would they benefit us all?

Most “secrets” can actually be found in your own pantry or garden!

Boil some tumeric, asam jawa, and a bit of honey and drink it. It acts as a jamu (herbal medicine) that builds your immune system.

Blend green beans and use the mix as a body scrub.

Plant some snake plants and place it at the corner of your room. It is said to suck toxins from its surroundings.

Take the leaves of a soursop plant, boil them, and drink them. It’s great for suppressing inflammation and helps with medical problems like stomach distress, fever, respiratory problems like cough and asthma. Some believe it can help curb cancer. It tastes okay; I drink the concoction when Mom prepares it for us back home.


If you could personify your well being routines into a song, what would it be and why?

“You Gotta Be” by Des’ree. I mean, come on, the lyrics… so apt for me right now!


The one quote that you live by and believe in, and why it will resonate with you until the end of time:

“Kind thoughts, kind words.”



This interview was contributed by Nerissa Khan

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