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Dior Yaw


I am a blogger and manage my online boutiqueDiicess “.


Instagram: @dioryaw
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dioryaw0731
Blog: www.dioryaw.blogspot.com

Career start out

When I started sharing my lifestyle when I was studying in Australia and that is how I got addicted to blogging.

Dior Yaw

Current update

Currently I am busy managing my social medias and preparing for an upcoming trip. By the way, I am going to start my own business next year, stay tuned!! 

Favorite new beauty product 

Since I have very sensitive skin, I am always extra careful in selecting beauty products. Primer from Chanel is my new love! 

You spend most of your time

At home! I enjoy watching dramas by myself

One place you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), it is a must visit place in Malaysia!

Mantra that you believe in

Mantra is I believe in staying happy in life because we only get to live once


What’s in your makeup bag right now

Primer, Foundation, Cc cushion, BB cushion, eye liner, eye brown pencil, mascara, blusher and eye shadow

Your personal style

Personally I like simplicity and seldom wear clothes with complex patterns. I am petite in size thus simple design clothing suits me better. I also prefer natural make up and this is why lately, I am addicted to Korean fashion. 

Five (5) Beauty Items you cannot live without

1. Hair curler: it is a must in my life! 
2. Rings: I use to match my outfit with rings of various designs
3. Eyebrow pencil: If I were to go out “bare-faced”, I will at least color my eyebrows

4. Lipstick: it gives me a sharper look

5. Serum: keeping my face healthy


Your typical day at work/weekends

For work: I travel around to meet my customers events.

For weekends: I always spend time with bf and family.

Favorite place you have traveled to

Japan is still number 1. I like their culture and people there is so friendly.

How do you unwind after work?

I will hang out with my friends, and chatting with them lightens my mood. 

Beauty advice from your mother

My mum always remind me that the most important thing is to have a good heart. A good heart beats beautiful looks anytime

What’s next

Preparing for my trip overseas

Your ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

Adele Chow, she is pretty and smart!

Movie that made you laugh the hardest

I cannot remember as I watched too many of them!

Favorite beauty brands

Chanel and Lancome… *dreamy*

What makes you smile the most

When I know that my parents are proud of me

Secondly is during the time I spent with my boyfriend

They mean a lot to me

How you got started in makeup

From the magazines

I saw my idols discussing about their make ups and decided to give it a try

Favorite Malaysian meal

Nasi lemak, I like to eat rice! A must eat everyday. 

The last book that you read

Cecelia Ahern – P.S., I Love You.

Signature scent

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne by Jo Malone is my current signature

Handbag essentials

Lipstick, power bank and purse

Instagram or SnapChat

Definitely Instagram!

Lazy girl beauty staple

Sun screen and eyebrow color are the minimal

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Dior Yaw


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