My name is Duha Dallah; I am 19 years old and currently attending university where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. I’m originally from Syria, but I was born and raised in the heart of Dallas Texas. I love spending time with family and friends and hold every memory made with them close to my heart, especially because both my sisters that I love dearly got married and moved away. I am seeking to inspire others with my love for fashion via my instagram account @styledbyduha.

Personal Style

Simple and classy my closet mainly consists of neutral colors, I don’t normally wear too much color or patterns, which isn’t so good, it makes me look old lol. I love following the latest trends, however, I always add a touch of me to everything I wear.

What Mantra That You Believe in?

I constantly remind myself of one of my favourite verses from the Quran 2:186 “ And if my servants ask about me, behold I am near; I respond to the call of Him who calls..”

Career Story

Working as a pharmacy technician is obviously not my forever job. Since my degree is in Speech Pathology I plan to obtain my Masters and become a Speech Therapist. I am currently shadowing one at the hospital (when I’m not at school and not working). Basically all this started when my sisters moved away and I got bored!

Current occupation

  I recently applied as a pharmacy technician when I saw an opening, however, now that I am working as one I love it so much that I am actually considering switching my major (but of course I’m too lazy to go through that process).

What makes you smile the most?

Seeing my mom happy.

Follow Her Social Media

I mostly use instagram and snapchat.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/styledbyduha/

Snapchat: duhadallah     

Current update

Well, I obviously have a love for fashion, which you all know from my instagram page, however, I am also really into cooking and eating healthy and plan to start featuring my cooking and share recipes with you guys on my snapchat.

Her Mom’s beauty advice

My mom always advises me and gives me tips on how to dress and of course always lets me know when my outfit is not on point, she’s my best friend. My mom is the queen of fashion herself.

How she got started in make-up

Being the youngest of 3 girls, I would always look up to my older sister (yall can probably tell I love my sisters so much, I keep talking about them haha) they’re both a few years older than me, so watching them apply makeup on was amusing to me and soon after, I began doing the same. My sisters and I literally always try new makeup products on each other when were together! We always look like were going to prom every night J And as for my fashion, my sister Rana would always facetime me when she’s at the mall and ask me if certain clothes go together and she would constantly tell me to start a fashion page and I would just ignore her, I guess I was too scared to start, but look at me now! Thanks to her <3

ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

My ultimate beauty icon has got to be withloveleena. I love her style!

Favourite new beauty product

Lancôme Paris Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation! I absolutely love it, full coverage and lightweight at the same time, it’s perfect for the summer!

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

-Three different lipsticks that are all almost the same color lol. (Milani matte number 78 delicate, NYX soft mate lip cream color Stockholm, and Wet n Wild color rose flamboyant 907C)

-Elf contouring brush with no contour palette (go figure)

-Maybelline brow pencil in dark brown (its all about the brows)

-L’Oreal Paris eyeshadow palette 106

-And my favorite Lancôme foundation

5 Beauty Items That She Can’t Live Without

  1. Lip stick
  2. Foundation
  4. Eye brow pencil
  5. Facial Cleansers (I cant live without my facial cleansers)


Favourite beauty brands

I don’t really care for brands (if it looks nice I love it, don’t care where its from lol) but most my make-up is Lancôme, NYX, Maybelline and L’Oreal

Her signature scent

Strong perfume and colognes give me a headache so I always love the softer scents. I have yet to find the perfect one!

Handbag essentials

My phone, some sort of lipstick, and wallet.

What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

Sweats, sort of a sporty look and lip balm of course. (I especially rock the sporty lazy girl outfits at school)

Recommended place in Malaysia

I’ve never been to Malaysia, but I hear great things about it all the time! I would love to visit one day, Inshallah

Her favourite destination


Malaysian favourite food

When I visit Malaysia ill let yall know haha

What’s next for you?

Completing my education is definitely my number one goal. However, Id also like to keep working and improving my fashion page. I would love to travel the world and experience every countries own style of fashion.

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