I am Elaine Cheah

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Personal Style

I might look cold from the outside, but actually warm heated deep within. People might think I am unapproachable, but I am just being shy and reserved.

Career Story

I have been working at Fort Cornwallis since my internship, which has been more than 1 year here. As for freelance model, I started my first photo shooting during my uni life. Since then, I have also collaborated with some awesome photographers and gained a lot of experience

Current occupation

Working as Full Time admin manager at Fort Cornwallis, Penang. Part time freelance model

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What makes you smile the most?

My family, my cats & my loved one

Follow Her Social Media

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/miss3laine/

   Facebook: https://facebook.com/miss3laine

  Blog : http://miss3laine.pixnet.net/blog

Her Mom’s beauty advice

Sleep earlier and drink less alcohol. However I always fail to follow her advice

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How she got started in make-up

When I started my uni life. It makes me confident

Favourite new beauty product

Amaracles balancing cream

Holika Holika egg peeling gel

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

– Paw Paw Manuka Lipbalm

-YSL rouge pur couture glossy stain #12

-Innisfree Real Fit Creamy Lipstick #7

-Canmake perfect brown eyes

-Miss Hana concealer

-Jasmine Water BB cream

-Dr.Wu SD cream

-Dr.G Sunblock

-Ethude House Face Glam

-Maybeline Brow Definist 02 Brown

-Etude House 101 play pencil #70

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5 Beauty Items That She Can’t Live Without

– BB Cream

– Concealer

– Pencil eye liner

– Contact lens

– Moisturiser

Favourite beauty brands

Innisfree. Holika Holika

Her signature scent

Victoria’s Secret – Crush

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Handbag essentials

Lipstick, lip balm, bb cream, concealer, eye liner

What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

My daily make up will be moisturiser, sunblock, bbcream, eyeliner and lipstick. 15 minutes are all it takes to present a better me

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Recommended place in Malaysia

Ipoh. I miss Ipoh food so so so much especially Ming Court Dim Sum

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Her favourite destination

Korea. Wish to travel there again

Malaysian favourite food

Penang Hokkian Mee

What’s next for you?

Considering to work overseas but my sentiments are still holding me back over here. This is why i still have not made my first step


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