Hairstylist Kit with David Shaw

David Shaw, Hairstylist and Owner of Hair Menu Wig

David, you’ve been in the hair industry for the past 20 years. What’s the most satisfying thing about your job?

At first it might have been for the creativity but as time goes on, it’s all about the people and purpose. I am most happy now when I get to help people transform their looks or help them regain confidence in some ways. With my hair wigs business, I can help chemo patients regain what they’ve lost, return some semblance of their old lifestyle.


What do you think of the beauty industry today?

We’re not improving or making ourselves stand out as a trendsetter. The key industry people are not exciting and inspiring enough. Many of them are just after the superficial benefits but doesn’t put in the hard work. No one is really producing anything that makes you sit up and take notice.


How can they become a trendsetter then?

They need to find their identity. Instead of copying what others have done, create their own trademark. I think people are afraid of trying new things now. And that’s really sad.


What you wish people know about your job?

That it’s NOT glamorous. It takes hard work and diligent practice.


What’s the next trend in hair?

Well, now it’s all about medium length, shoulder grazing wavy hair. It’s safe so I think people will be bored of it soon and boycut will make a comeback.


What hairstyles will never go out of style?

Classic styles like big volume and sophisticated updo.


What are you most known for?

When I style hair, my signature is big voluminous curls like those back in the 70s. It’s like you constantly have wind in your hair.


Your favourite quote to live by?

Never forget where you came from. Don’t be greedy.

Do you think you’re a difficult person?

Yes, when it’s about work. I demand the best from everyone in my team. I appreciate good discipline, their work ethics, punctuality. But outside of work I’m a very chilled guy. Well, perhaps a little OCD.

What gives you most creative power?

Going back to what gives me most joy in my work – people. Especially the ones who come to Hair Menu shopping for wigs. We have at least 50 shades of style and colour in the store but every time I think we have enough options, I’ll get a request for something that’s not in store. Whenever I custom make an order, it truly inspires me and jacks up my level of creativity.

David’s Favourite Products


Sachajuan Hair Spray Strong Hold

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A great tool for any creative hairstyles but doesn’t give it that overly stiff look. The product is easily combed out and doesn’t leave flaky residues behind.  

Shiseido Stage Works Powder Shake

Oil-free powder mist that’s great to prep hair before any styling. It cuts out oil and volumises hair from the base.



Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

Freshen up hair with fruity floral scent and has UV protection to shield against UV damage. It’s even gentle enough to use on body for a refreshing mist.


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