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Who is Haneesa Abdullah?

Hello, my name is Haneesa Abdullah and most people known me as Neesa. I was raised in Shah Alam and currently staying in Cyberjaya where I’m currently studying in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. I’m in my final year of degree in Advertising Design and juggling as a freelance makeup artist too! I’m turning 22 this October.

Current occupation

Student and part time freelancing as a makeup artist

 Where can we find Haneesa Abdullah online?

I am very active on Instagram and Twitter ! Both @ is (@neesot)

How did you start your career?

It’s pretty spontaneous. It is something I never really planned on doing. Social media helped me a lot! I started with just posting my own creative and beauty makeup looks for fun on Instagram and then when I got a bit of a following. People are starting to recognize my work thus DM and e-mail me for freelance jobs.With the chances and time I have, why not! It gets tough sometimes because I have to balance study and work at the same time but having my “canvas” feeling happy and saying “thank you” back at me made it all worth it. I feel an absolute joy in making someone feel beautiful or unique either way!

Current update

Well, I’m currently focusing on my school works for now and just continue to explore what I’m really passionate about. I’m planning to do my own business in the creative industry too. Doing a lot of planning, plucking inspirations and meeting new people at the moment 🙂

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Favorite new beauty product

I’m crazy for makeup that will give you that glow and makes your foundation looks like..skin! I’ve been obsessed with the Hourglass Vanish stick foundation and the Cover FX custom enhancer drops.

 Where do you spend most of your time?

Hmm..my room? Hahah! I move around a lot so I’m either in my hometown or in my student apartment at the end of the day.

One recommended place to visit in Malaysia

Oh woahh just one? Hmm Penang!

Mantra that you believe in

Destroy what destroys you! In a good way though haha

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What’s in your makeup bag right now?

I have a few..bags. So this is my go-to travel list!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation

Tarteist Tarte Pro-to-go palette

Maybelline Butterfly mascara

KatvonD Tattoo Eyeliner

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

Urban Decay Brow Box

-ShontelByMisha liquid lipstick

Urban Decay naked gloss

Describe your personal style

I’m either colorfully overdressed or straight up a jeans and sweater girl! No in-betweens haha! Really, it depends on my mood some days I’m wearing very vibrant,some days I just stick with neutrals. But I would say my style will always lead to looking casual, but with a glamourous touch!

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5 Beauty Items you cannot live without



Brow kit


Lipstick (satin finishes)

Typical day like at work/weekends

Weekdays I have classes, usually I spend most of the time in school, home or just chilling with friends. Sometimes I do have invited beauty events during weekdays and I also have to organize my social media postings in collaboration with some brands that is a part of my work. On weekends I would have makeup jobs, events or just spending time with family.

 Favorite place you have travelled

Oh man, I love it all! All the places I’ve been to have their own unique culture, so I couldn’t really pick! But I will never forget the time when me and my family went to the hills and mountains in Scotland. What a thrill!

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How do you unwind after work?

Shower, watching Youtube videos or listen to some music and singing too!

Beauty advice from your mother

Always be grateful and remember that happiness is a choice.

What’s next for Haneesa Abdullah?

I have no idea. I’m enjoying the progress so far and I’m excited the see what’s coming next!

ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

I don’t really have an icon/idol that I really really look up to at the moment but I really believe that any woman who has a sincere and a kind heart, no matter what they look like, is a beauty icon.That is for sure.

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 Movie that made you laugh the hardest?

Oh dang, I can’t remember the title of that movie.

Favorite beauty brands

Makeup Forever, Kat Von D Beauty, Tarte, Urban Decay, Cover FX, NYX Cosmetics, oh no, the list can go on..

 What makes you smile the most?

People that I love, my companies and my families.

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Favorite Malaysian meal

I loveee Maggi goreng, nasi lemak and ayam masak merah!

The last book that you’ve read

“The Bullshit Artist” by Paul Kleinman

Signature scent

Hmm not really but I love powdery, white musk scent that is masculine and fresh at the same time. I love a little floral notes too but nothing too fruity.

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What are your handbag essentials?




Powerbank & charger



Hand sanitizer


Mini makeup for touch-ups

Micro sewing kit

 Instagram or Snapchat?

Oh, both!

 Your lazy girl beauty staple

As lazy as I can get, I would never leave the house without a slap of moisturizer, sunscreen, brows and a tinted balm!

Thank you so much Haneesa for the Q&A with The Covets team!

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