Please introduce yourself

My name is Hannah Dania but I’m also known as HD. I’m a 19-year-old girl from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who’s currently studying in London.

I enjoy sharing my experiences through social media and would love to make a difference for all the girls in my country that can relate to the things I go through as I grow up.

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What is your current occupation?

I’m a student at UAL: London College of Fashion, studying Fashion Management.

Where can we find you online?

My Instagram: @hannahdania

My Youtube: Hannah Dania Ridzuan (although I rarely make videos!)

My blog where I share photos:

How did you start your career?

I started being famous on Instagram when I was 15. Back then, I didn’t even know my selfies and daily photos of my life could attract so many people. After a while, I took it as an opportunity to speak out to the public and get my message to all the girls who needed help from another sister.

I also started getting good support on youtube from my followers when I posted a video of me ranting about random things in my life.. I’m still surprised people are that interested in what’s going in with my life!  

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What’s the current update about yourself?

I’m currently known as the “confident” girl who’s never afraid to speak out. Not only that, most girls see me as an inspiration because I’m not flowing in the mainstream especially in terms of education.

And trust me I’m not bragging, but I do love being someone’s idol! I’m still growing on Instagram and my youtube may be a tad outdated, but my head is full of new ideas that I haven’t taken into action just yet!

Describe your personal style in THREE words

Trend-driven, experimental, versatile.

Less or more?

Both! There are some days where I prefer wearing less and some days where I prefer the other. Either way, I wear what makes me feel comfortable and happy!

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What do you wear on lazy days?

A hoodie and a pair of black leggings, matched with a pair of converse.

Who’s your style icon?

To be honest, I’d say Kylie Jenner. Her style is a mixture of  feminine, sexy and street!

How do you stay up to date with fashion?

I go to a fashion school! The magazines they give out have all the current and upcoming trends. Not only that, I also follow celebrities and fashion bloggers on Instagram.

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What do you think about denim over denim?

I’m a supporter of the “denim over denim” style. It’s a great way of showing your co-ordination skills. And Britney Spears made a huge impact when she showed up to the AMA’s back in 2001 wearing denim over denim.

Sneakers, flats or heels kinda girl?

Sneakers all the way! But when I’m in the mood to dress-up more ladylike, heels of course.

What’s your style philosophy?

Wear what you want and if you feel good, no one’s words or judgements will matter.

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What’s a fashion trend that can never let you down?

Minimalistic outfits!

Do you see makeup as part of fashion?

Yes of course.

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Which celebrities have the best style to you?

Zendaya! Mainly because she’s not afraid of what others are going to say when she pulls up looking different all the time.

Monochrome or colour blocking?

Personally, monochrome.

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Who is the most fashionable woman that you know?

My own cousin, Sueraya!

What’s your favourite thing to wear?

Hoodies! Haha!

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Accessories you can’t live without?

My rings!

Are you afraid of wearing an all-white outfit?

Not at all. But I do have to be extra careful when I do.

What are the FIVE things that you must have in your bag?

Phone, cardholder, earphones, a powerbank and a lip liner!

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What’s the priciest thing you ever splurge on?

A handbag… obviously.

If you have to wear ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A comfortable yet fashionable jumpsuit.

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Which fashion trend that will never be out of style?

Co-ordinated outfits, or better known as matching sets!

Polka dots or stripes?


What are you currently following in the fashion industry (brand, news, model career, etc)

Brands, current trends and Hollywood issues.

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What do you like besides fashion?

I like engaging with people. I enjoy talking to people in person instead of going online. I also love flowers on another level.

Your favourite apparel?


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What kind of style that you’re least confident about?

Tight short dresses. I may wear them sometimes but they make me feel a tad uncomfortable and on most days, I’m never confident enough to wear them!

What’s your favourite fashion brand?

Topshop, just like most of the girls my age.

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Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to fashion?

Still Kylie Jenner.

Name THREE things you can’t live without?

My phone, a face moisturizer and my glasses/contact lens.

When did you first involve in fashion?

When I was 14 actually! I started wearing clothes that weren’t casual to events and after a while I just enjoyed wearing it on normal days as well.

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