Please introduce yourself ?

Hye Im Hera Helmi and known as we as “ Mommy”.

I’m Professional Makeup Artist,Entrepreneur and former Model and I’m a proud mother of 3.

What is your current occupation?

I’m Profesional Makeup Artist and an entrepreneur.

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Where can we find you online?

Instagram :

Facebook :

How did you start your career?

My Late Mother encouraged me after I was delivered my 3rd baby as a serious career after i did her makeup for her runaway red carpet event ( ABPH ) . I do take her advice seriously and go for it till now.

What’s the current update about yourself?

InsyaAllah, I’m on my track to produce my own brand soon!

Currently i do LIVE Facebook Makeup Tutorial and setting for my new Youtube Account .

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Favorite new beauty product you have tried?

NR Cosmetic Products, and RT Matte Powder

Where do you spend most of your time?

Home Studio

Name one place where you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia.

Cameroon Highland and Kuala Kangsar ( My hometown haha)

Do you have any mantra that you believe in?

Do giving instead of receiving , Do trying then regretting , Do sharing instead of grasping.

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

Honestly i just have my Lip Ink only because i don’t domakeup myself( haha) BUT i have tons of makeup stuff in my Makeup Bag ( for my clients)

How would you describe your personal style?

Simple and Cheeky

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Name FIVE (5) Beauty Items you cannot live without.

Lip Ink ( For myself ) . Corrector, Foundation, False Lashes, Color Lens and Blusher ( Clients)

What’s your typical day like at work/weekends?

On weekdays i do spend a lot of time with my kids and family , while prepare stuff for my weekend job ( Friday- Sunday) but sometimes i do makeup class ( personal ) , makeup job at home and attend the private event on weekday too.

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Favorite place you have travelled to?

Venice, Italy

How do you unwind after work?

Engaged my private personal Home Spa for massage and sauna.

Any beauty advice from your mother?

U want to look younger than your age? Vit C , Vit E 400iu and Collagen is a Compulsory.

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What’s next for you?

InsyaAllah my own beauty product soon. InsyaAllah.

Who is your ULTIMATE Beauty Icon?


Movie that made you laugh the hardest?

Despicable Me ( hehe)

Favorite beauty brands?

Chanel , Charlotte Tillbury, Anastasia Beverlyhills.

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What makes you smile the most?

My kids and family happiness. My positive feedback from my clients.

Tell us how you got started in makeup.

I do Makeup seriously right after i delivered my 3rd child and decided to quit the modelling.

My mother and husband are my backbone.

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Favorite Malaysian meal?

Bihun Sup Utara

What was the last book that you’ve read?

Who Move my Cheese.

Any signature scent?

Yves Saint Laurent ( Black Opium ) and Annick Goutal .

What are your handbag essentials?

Documentation, Credit and Identification Card, Lip Ink,Perfume , Power Bank.

Instagram or Snapchat?


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