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About Her

My Name Is Iena Mansor, 28 yrs old this years, and love art, movie and makeup.

Iena Mansor’s Personal Style

Usually I like pastel color, but is depends on mood, my everyday style, like to wear pants match with blouse.

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What makes you smile the most?

When I see happy ending in movie I watch, and when my first sister marriage also when I heard a good news bout my friends and family.

Career Story

Start being partime modellling in hijab when I’m in college, then starting my real careear graphic designer 2013 until now.

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Current occupation

              I’m graphic designer and do partime makeup service also love to do blog and video makeup

Follow Her Social Media

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ienamansor/

Current update

This year starting active do more makeup stuff, video &pic also makeup service.

Her Mom’s beauty advice

Must clean your face daily, never skip skincare routine.

How she got started in make-up

Is started when I do part time Modelling in hijab, starting to like makeup when I usually got invited to event.

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ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

Hurm… my beauty icon is Nikkie Tutorial, Oversea youtubers Makeup Freak.

Favourite new beauty product

I like to use organic skincare product, and I always  like do homemade masker for take care my skin. I use Argan oil Face and Organic Soap Argan Oil, And few Korean mask.

Must Have Items on Make-up Pouch!

Lipbalm (Periperi) korean brand, lipstick (Breena Beauty) Malaysian Local Brand, Eyeliner Maybeline & Mascara (Tarte), Eyebrow Pencil In2in.

5 Beauty Items That She Can’t Live Without

Lipsblam (periperi) Organic Argan Oil Soap, Argan Face Oil, Eyeliner (Maybelline), Eyebrow Pencil (IN2IN)

Iena Mansor’s favourite beauty brands

Tarte Mascara

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Iena Mansor’s signature scent

Not Really, I always change perfume brand I like to buy.

Handbag essentials

My handbag is must not to big and not to small, because I like to put, makeup pouch, handphone, power bank and perfume & purse.

What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

Is you lazy to use masker, just use a sleeping masker, so u can just clean your face in the morning.

Her leisure time..

Mostly in computer, since I’m a graphic design so I always spend my time in computer, when I’m free I like just to relax at home, because is hard to have free time even in Sunday and Saturday,

Recommended place in Malaysia

Penang, because lots of delicious food at there.

Place she have travelled

I only been Indonesia before, never again travelling after that. Need some time and planning to travel again.

Malaysian favourite food

Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Ikan Tiga Rasa, Ketam Masak Terutuk.

What’s next for Iena Mansor

I will try more to active in makeup video,pic tutorial and try to more active in blog and instgram.

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