SARAH LIAN, Actress & TV Host, 33.


Sarah, when did you start playing with makeup?

I have an older sister so once she started wearing makeup, I started wearing makeup. When my parents used to own a deli in Vancouver, it was beside a mall. I would hang out at the MAC Cosmetics counter and just try on lipsticks for hours. That’s how it first started.


Beauty Regime?

You attend a lot of events. What’s your most trusted beauty routine before a big event? Like a prep routine.
I wash my face with Shu Uemura Skin Purifier, then soften with Lancome Absolue Lotion, and finish with the Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence. Just before I put on my makeup, I spray Melvita’s Witch Hazel Virginiana water to refresh my skin.

Do you use switch up your products now and then?

I do switch up my products here and there just to mix it up. Certain products are good for specific issues that I want to address, whether it is for hydration, or radiance or even dare-I-say whitening. It’s good to explore what is out there and as skin changes from time to time, my needs change too.


What’s your current favourite trend?

I feel I’ve experimented with makeup over the years with lots of colours, to heavy makeup with super thick lashes. Nowadays I like the no-makeup look. A great set of brows and great glowing skin makes every look work. I do love liquid eyeliner so when I have that, I feel like my eyes can really pop.


What’s your signature scent?

My favourite is Lancome’s La Vie Et Belle as well as a combination of Jo Malone’s fragrances, they help me find a unique scent.


Hair care?

How do you take care of your thick and long hair?

I use Kerastase Initialiste Scalp Treatment to take care of my scalp, then the natural Kiehls Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo and Shiseido’s The Haircare Conditioner. It’s a good mix of products to keep my hair healthy!


What’s your take on beauty rejuvenation?

I think everyone is entitled to make their own decisions when it comes to beauty. I’ve had HA and Vit C injections under my eyes to address dark circles but I don’t think I’m quite ready for Botox and fillers yet. Aging gracefully may take a little more work but I think it yields the best results.


Style Tips?

What is style to you?
I think style is an extension of creativity. It’s personal and individual, it’s a message that you can send out to the world without having to speak.


You’re always on the go but still looks like you put in a good workout everyday. Any advice for the lazy girl’s exercise?

If you do 50 burpees, 50 squats, 50 situps and 50 pushups everyday, you will see a difference. No gym, no gimmicks! I love HIIT type of workouts. They have maximum impact with minimal time. I see changes in my body quicker than if I were to ever run on the treadmill for hours.


Let’s say you’re at a beauty sale and you’re only allowed to buy 5 items, what will you get?

Toner, Cotton Pads, Eyelash Glue, Mud Masks and Brushes.


The one quote you live by?

The harder I work, the luckier I get.


Your advice on ageing gracefully?

Smile more, you’ll always look younger.


Best compliment you’ve received?

Someone thought I was 18. I wanted to give them a prize.


Most ridiculous thing someone has commented about your appearance?

I remember a doctor telling me all the imperfections I had on my face and what I could do to make it better. Needless to say, I think imperfections are what makes me unique.


What would you say is your most overrated virtue?  



What would you say is your most underrated virtue?



Since you are happy and in love now, do you believe in the “love glow?”

Some people say that I have it but I think the love glow is attributed to the fact that when you love someone, you feel complete.


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