Please introduce yourself

I’m Jacqueline Chuah.

What is your current occupation?

I working for freelancer and a online pets clothing shop. Currently I’m taking a course in Pets industry.

Where can we find you online?

Can got me in Instagram account :


Favorite new beauty product you have tried?

Laneige new two tone lip bar.

Name one place where you would recommend people to visit in Malaysia.

The place I like and stay and spend most of my time is my Home, because I like to stick with my pet.

I would recommend Sabah, with nice beaches and seafood!

How would you describe your personal style?


What’s in you make up bag?

Eyebrow pensil – Empro

Eyeliner – Heroine Make

Eyeshadow – MAC

Concealer – Dior

Waterproof Mascara – Lancome

Compact Powder – Paul & Joe

Lipstick – Dior

How would you describe your personal style?

Be Nice & Simple.

Name FIVE (5) Beauty Items you cannot live without.

Makeup Base with SPF, Eyebrow pencil , eye liner, compact powder and hair iron.

Favorite place you have travelled to?

The favorite place that I have travelling to is Koh Samui Isalnd, Thailand. I love beach, sun and sand!

How do you unwind after work? 

Go home take a good shower and laying at bed with my dog.

Any beauty advice from your mother?

The beauty advice from my mother is sleep early, drink more water and less comestic on face when unnecessary.

What’s the next for you? 

Working hard to make my dream come true.

Who is your ultimate beauty icon?

Janine Chang.

Movie that made you laugh the hardest?

I cant really remember, but I never bored with Mr Bean.

 Do you have any favorite beauty brands?

  • Dior
  • Shu uemura
  • KOSE
  • PAUL & JOE
  • MAC

What makes you smile the most?

 My dog makes me smile the most.

Tell us how you got started in makeup.

 I started makeup when I was starting my event job when I was in college.

Favorite Malaysian meal?

 My favorite Malaysian meal is NASI LEMAK.

What was the last book that you’ve read?

 The last book I’ve read is TOGETHER FOREVER by Amy Chang.

Any signature scent?

 My signature scent, Lavender.

What are your handbag essentials?

 My handbag essentials, iPhone cable and powerbank, ear phone, purse, hand lotion, dry and wet tissue, and pen.

What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

 My lazy beauty staple is a glasses and a sunglasses.

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