Hey there , I am Jaquee. The one and only Jaquee Lee.

Personal Style


What Mantra That You Believe in?


I always believe that we need to do good things to ppl but don’t ever think of getting back anything even the word thank you. Just try our very best to do the best of the best !

Career Story

I started my shooting career at the age of 17. And yet I feel that I don’t want just be a normal model who likes shooting and posing only . Then I made a choice to join as a financial planner .

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Current occupation

I am a financial planner in insurance trust and also a freelance model .

What makes you smile the most?

When I was shooting ! Haha ! Cuz need to put on a very big smile on my face to prevent myself become fierce.

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Current update

Learning new things everyday , take action in doing my new career .

Her Mom’s beauty advice

Nope . I advice her more than she advice me . Haha . I forgot to mention I am also a makeup artist and beauty consultant.

How she got started in make-up

I learn makeup when I was 17 year old till now .

ULTIMATE Beauty Icon

Beauty ?… erm … youtubers can ?


Favourite new beauty product

Artistry is a need ! But recently got a sponsorship product name LeSoliance

Diamond serum.

What’s in your makeup bag right now?

Eye shadow ,eyeliner,eyebrow pencil,lipgloss,lipstick,liptint,bb cushion,loose powder,highlights powder,blusher,fake lashes,lashes glue,liquid foundation,makeup base,brushes….I think this is all ?? Haha can’t recall.

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5 Beauty Items That She Can’t Live Without




Eye gel

Anti pores gel

Favourite beauty brands

Not yet till favourite. But artistry is my first choice .

Handbag essentials

Oh this really ! The first things is TR

Coming on is lipgloss , Claire ( use after you got bite by mosquitoes or allergic,itchy,cuts, burns …), eye drop ,

Wallet , lotion.

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What is your lazy girl beauty staple?

No matter how lazy also cannot go out without my brows !!

Recommended place in Malaysia

Cameron . Haha . I like peaceful place .

Her favourite destination

Korea!!! Was snowing when I am there !!

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Malaysian favourite food

Maggie Goreng

What’s next for you?

To achieve my first one mil!!!!!!! Biggest goal!!

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